The Dentist

Today is the day.I am going to the dentist.Only thing I can think of,it is what is going to happen…As consequence my mood is not my usual “happy Friday mood “and it seems that the whole household is affected:girls didn’t want to get up and took ages to get ready,the giant dog didn’t want to get in the car (it took me 10 minutes to convince him ,while the other dog was already in the boot looking at us and probably thinking “what an couple of idiots you both are .Are we going or not?”.).Friday is trash day so of course we got stack behind,not one but three,bin tracks.Nearly at 9 we made it to school:two out four dropped.I keep going toward the beach so to let the other two to steam out some energy in order to save my house later.The usual dogs gang is there .Weather wise,at least,is a very pleasant morning and I enjoy my walk and the chip chats with the other dogs owners.I find my friend and we start walking together trying to avoid our dogs to eat too many seaweeds but it is a lost battle…..I only hope they will have the decency to puke them in the garden and not on my good rug.Friday is usually coffee morning after the dogs walk.The dentist appointment is not untill 1230 so there is plenty of time for a stop at the coffe shop and a treat.Today more then any other day I can have my Danish pastry guilt free,in fact ,God only knows what the dentist will do to me:I might not be able to eat for hours or days!The cake,the cappuccino and SJ made me forget about the dentist for a while. Brief clean to the house ,a bit deeper clean to my self and I am ready to go.Quick check if I have everything and it seems so,even my underwear matches.You might wonder what that has to do with the dentist.Well my mother has a real obsession for not leaving the house with mismatch underwear in case something happens and you end up at the hospital.Frankly ,by experience, I know that if you are involved in a accident they just strip you out of your clothes and doctors surely don’t give a crap about what you are wearing but the imprinting she left on me is hard to erase. My dentist is not there because she injured her arm and “I will be done”by the other doctor…I honestly don’t mind I just want this tooth business over.I am in the waiting room enjoying trash magazines as it is a must do at doctors and hairdresser.The nurse comes out to call me and I am in.I can’t go back .The “new dentist” introduced himself.He is German,a characteristic that would only be a good thing.I always had a thing for Germany and germans(not their political history of course) and I love the sound of their language.In normal circumstances I would be very prone to a German dentist ,I mean ,the fact that he is German should be a warranty of professionalism and precision right?!Except,unfortunately,the only experience I had with German doctors was not great..For months I suffered of what at the beginning I thought it was a cut on my finger that,obviously ,it was not as it was there for over 5months and growing and hurting .After I tried everything (included learning to do everything without the use of my right index finger) and it started to bleed open flash I went to my GP. My GP was out sick and there was a substitute doctor from Germany who diagnosed it was a wart and gave me two possible option of treatment:cryotherapy or trying a group of prayer:”You know sometimes faith helps healing more then we think.It happened to my brother with a terrible back ache he had”.I wanted to run!With his disappointment and despite the fact I consider myself ,not very religious, but sure spiritual,I went for cryotherapy.Bloody painfully but effective.Back to the dentist I took my place on the patient chair strongly hoping he wouldn’t suggest anything too weird.He didn’t! He is a nice man and a traditional dentist.He explained me what he was going to do with his lovely German accent and started the procedure.I can’t deny I was tense.My full body was rigid and my hands sore because I was squeezing the chair ‘s armrests.The dentist kept asking me question to witch I couldn’t possibly answer with my mouth wide open and the suction tube in it .Through frowns and hand gesture I managed to say something but not much.Discouraged by my lack of response,He gave up on the conversation.I was not much reactive even when he was talking about of last movie with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling.Then, I suppose,It was when he threw the line:What kind of woman wouldn’t show interest for such sex symbols of the movie industry?He drills and fills and says something about whatever I have no idea because by then I gave up resistance,physically and mentally.My whole body muscles hurt for the tension;my jaws were on the verge of collapsing because it was over 40 minutes I was keeping my mouth open.I couldn’t hold it anymore.I let the anesthetic do its work .I relaxed and I waited to be finished ,feeling “comfortable numb”.It is over ow.I still feel numb and I have three other fillings to do😬🙄.I have half an hour to kill before school pick up and can’t even go for a coffee .


14 thoughts on “The Dentist

  1. Thats a hilarious post, i dont think that the other is tight for what he has said about the nice couple lol😂. As i also think, it is a good idea to get a stop near a coffee shop for a treat as if you have enough time before your appointment for the dentist clinic. Very good a grab to for having s cup of cappuccino with plenty pieces of cakes. You see how the stop for the coffee shop help little bit from the stress and even it let you forget that you have your dentist. 😁😁

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    1. I have trouble sending replay tonight so if you receive this twice don’t worry.thank you for reading and finding time to comment.It all went well but it took three appointments but now I am done…..fir the moment but I clearly told him I hoe not to see him for an other 15 years😂no offense of course.ill just drop by to hygienist 😉


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