The road inside the road

8.45am,we are on the bus to go collecting our rental car and then heading to Tuscany.
Girls are very excited,looking forward to see the leaning tower.
My husband already got stressed because we were slightly late leaving the house to fetch the bus and once at the station there was a long queue for tickets and obviously only one till open(this is Italy!!!) .
We eventually made it to the bus .
He relaxed , I am insisting I want a "slow" holiday.
I am watching out of the window.
I did this road many many times over the years but this morning it looks like a route I have never taken,a road I have never driven through,a landscape I have never seen before.
Is it because is the first time on the bus and I can see everything from a higher point of view or is it just my eyes, my mind ,my soul seeing things from a different ,higher, point of view???!!???
The countryside is still very green for being August. Despite the heat wave of the last few weeks the sun didn't burn the grass on the fields yet.
The orchards are showing their fruits and the river we are driving along never seemed so wide to me.
I am enchanted by his colour ,by the way it flows.
The light breeze makes It look like a big snake silently crawling toward its prey ,and ,here the prey comes, when the river join with the Venetian lagoon .
The snake has been fed,it is double its size now and the view in front of my eyes is spectacular !


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