An Early Mother’S Day Present.

Mother’s day is here.Flowers, cards, cakes and happy smiles all over the shops’ windows.We,as mothers, are spoiled today. If you ask me,the whole sense of mother’s day is misinterpreted.Today is “our”day:the day we are supposed to be celebrated and pampered.The day we should be given a free pass for a day at the spa, ON OUR OWN!!!It might sound harsh or ungrateful but it is not.It is also a practical and perfect solution to avoid the conflict of being a daughter and a mother at the same time.A condition that,can be very tricky indeed.The risk,in fact,is that you might end up juggling around all day, trying to properly celebrate your mother and at the same time let your kids to properly celebrate you.By the end of the day you will be stressed,exhausted and feeling guilty. Guilty that you haven’t spent enough time with either your own mother or your own kids.Guilt,then,brings the urge for comforting food.Before even realizing it,in the quiet of the evening, you will be savaging the left over half cake that your darling ones bought you.Delighted by its delicious taste and by the thought that it has been picked exactly with you in mind in your favorite bakery, you will feel immediately much better.Much better until the awarness that,all the cream you are greedily spooning in your mouth with a such delight of your soul,will go straight on your hips.The last two weeks of strict diet to fit in that dress for that party you have been invited to are ruined.None a chance you will be able to live the house without your “Bridget Jones panties” and breath naturally for the rest of the evening.Boom!You will still love your kids dearly but,what did your better half have in mind when allowed them to buy that cake?!?He should have known you couldn’t resist it.It is a bit of a stretch,I know, but someone must be blamed right?And it cannot be the kids because it is mother’s day and we love them the most and feel honored to have them.At this point that ecstatic expression on your face and the smile accompanying every bite are gradually fading .The plate is dropped on the ground for the benefit of the dogs.”Sharing is caring” they say,most of all when it comes to calories!

If today I will enjoy mother’s day with my little messers and,hopefully a delicious cake full of cream,yesterday I celebrated my way and gave myself an early mother’s day present:I took a day off on my own.

Nice silk dress, knee high black boots and off I go for my day in the city.Browsing around shops,lunch,as much time as I want in the three stores book shop I love.This is my plan.The tyraffic is atrocious.I totally forgot that Ireland is playing Scotland at home.Damn,according with my time table I am already late.The multistore car park I usually go is full.Damn,that is an other delay as I have to go the other one.

Nearly an hour later then I planned I managed to leave the car and start my day in town.I browsed around all those little shops I never get to go.I went through all the stands of the craft markets my gang has never the patient to come to.I tried on dozen of ridiculous high heels shoes that, I will never buy because I am not suicidal.Thirsty and angry,I stopped in a coffee shop and been so lucky to find a table by the window.A perfect view on the Main Street.I got lost in the traffic of people parading in front of me and I wondered what their stories were.Once I got my energy back I went through the whole three floors of the book shop.I meticulously inspected the shelves from the latest best sellers back to the oldest editions.

Two books and Two pair of shoes later,( because I like to be fair),I am ready to leave.During the afternoon the sun made its way through the clouds and shines warm up in the sky. I am too hot in these boots:What was I thinking?I usually don’t even wear socks!I quickly slip on my new shoes,reasonably heeled and not dangerous for my capacity of balancing.I ahead to the car but not before stopping by a french little place to have a cosmopolitan at the bar….Naughty, I know,because I have to drive but,the dose of alcohol is so low that sure I don’t risk to get drunk and I made sure to have some peanuts too.