A Truly Madly Ordinary Announcement

Starting from the last post that was quite a long ago, that so desired lazy Sunday never arrived but, thanks to the travelling husband falling suddenly the victim of man flu I have been quick to take his place at the pub to the rugby. Am I mad fun? No, but it is one of the few sports I like to watch on tv, plus it was my excuse to leave the house. It was not that hot bath with candles, kindle and wine I had planned but that, it would not have happened anyway because someone decided to have it before me and all the hot water was gone.
Big ears german managed to snatch two of his three stitches but survived, and he is now back to his bold self. Once he was done with the vet, daughter number two had to be brought back and forth to the dentist because she broke her braces and in the meanwhile, the foster dog was neutered. I would feel very sorry looking at these creatures so harmless and weak after that big dose of anaesthetic but, this time, it came just at as a blessing and allowed me to have nearly 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep like I was the one under anaesthetic. My lovely Charlotte, in fact, turned out to be a night owl and every night between midnight and one o’clock in the morning, she gets lively. I had not a full night sleep in three weeks now.
Things are gradually going better now, and we established a sort of routine. When she wakes up, I bring her downstairs (or else she will try to wake up everybody else in the house, no matter if with four or two legs), we play a little bit, and then I locke her in the kitchen for the rest of the night.
It might sound cruel, but she is fine and not having anybody around to hassle she sleeps too. For once she also has all the couch for herself and can eventually stretch her long legs without worrying to kick Kurt on the other end of the sofa.
So yes, it has been a couple of busy weeks, but in all this, I am glad to inform you, and here it comes my announcement, that I managed to get my first book out there.
Now please show your loyalty and start buying it and reviewing it and……of course, you are allowed to lie about it!!!!!!!