Christmas:a time to feel and not to stress

I don’t go much frantic around Christmas and I don’t let Christmas shopping stressing me that much.I used to,but I don’t anymore .It came as consequence of the decluttering I did in the last few years.Decluttering around the house and around me.Giving presents should be a pleasure not an imposition.Presents must be felt and given from the heart.They should obey to the heart’s rules not to social obligations.

How many presents over the years I had to make to people or relatives I couldn’t care less?Too many indeed!How many presents over the years I received from people I couldn’t care less?Too many indeed.Dull presents coming from anywhere but the heart and that they give me no pleasure and happiness but only obligation to give something in return.This was what was making my Christmas a run against time and a run against my will and feelings.This was making my Christmas stressful until I broke the chain.I broke the chain of the unwanted and unfelt presents .I have been rude,unmannered,disappointing to some but,to me,I have been honest.I had my Christmas back .A Christmas of true giving ,joy and lightheartedness.Led by what I feel I learned to go through Christmas time stress free.This is my secret and this is also why,today ,the last Saturday before Christmas Eve,I can indulge myself on the couch with a hot tea and an episode of Poirot with the good old David Sachet.

Tomorrow it will be more frantic because there will be a festive dinner to prepare,some last minute food shopping to do and some presents to deliver but ,today,it is just about enjoying the first day of Christmas holidays.I can sit down and relax.I can sit down and warm my soul and heart with gratitude. Gratitude for being here able to enjoy my life as it is.Gratitude for family who,never deny me love and always allow me to give that love back.Gratitude for my friends who make the time spent together so special and true.Gratitude for my daughters who changed forever who I am and not only at Christmas.Gratitude for my husband who still smile pleased at the sight of me dressed up to go out and,gallantly, offers me his arm.That same traveling husband who still make my head turn when he walks in the room.

Merry Christmas everyone.