The Avenge of The Tech Man, Episode 3. The last battle.

A couple of weeks ago the traveling husband came to bed showing off a brand new elasticated elbow support.

I looked at it, said nothing, and kept reading instead. It was only when he used any excuse to annoyingly branding his arm in front of me, that I realised he wanted to be asked.

“What’s that?” I ask in the end.

“Oh, nothing just an elbow support I bought at the pharmacy …” He answers theatrically bending up and down his arm.

-Seriously?- I think, -Do I have to beg to hear what’s wrong when it’s clear you are dying to tell me?-

“Did you hurt your elbow playing tennis honey? Do you think it’s a tennis elbow?” I ultimately give in doing my best to sound concerned.

“Don’t you see it’s my right elbow? I play with the left!!!”

Damn, I totally missed that! Quite clearly I was not giving him the attention I should have , or else I should have noticed which elbow it was. Now we both knew what a lousy wife I am.

In my defence though, because of the way he waving his arm in front of my eyes, to get my attention, I simply and obviously wrongly, assumed he was not in so much pain. 

What was going to be really painful, instead, was to learn what’s behind his strapped on elbow. That conversation, in fact, now that I had pissed him off, was going to take FOREVER.

-Karma is a bitch, when you are a bitch- Daughter number one’s favorite motto resonates loudly in my head and so, although all I want is going back to my book and find out who is the killer, I instead lift my reading glasses over my head, close my book and turn to face the traveling husband. 

“Are you that much in pain honey? What you think it is?” I ask.

He waits a couple of seconds, just to be sure to have my full and undivided attention, and then goes: “It’s the watch!”

“But you had always worn your watch on that wrist, and never had a problem before,” I say quite puzzled.

“It’s the smart watch,” he explains, “I think it’s the movement I do to wake up the screen.”

-Oh great- I think, -I have to sleep with the Garmin boy flashing at me again!-.But then I notice his naked wrist and think:-Great! I have a spent a fortune for a watch that is going to stay in a drawer indefinitely. Even worst!-

Technology 1- Traveling husband 0.

But it’s just a battle… the war is still on and …in the end.. there can only be one!


4 thoughts on “The Avenge of The Tech Man, Episode 3. The last battle.

  1. In malelogic, since you got him the watch, of course it is your fault that he sprang his elbow to wake up the watch. Then you compounded the error by not noticing that the watch was gone and his elbow is in severe pain. How clueless can any woman be?

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