The Avenge of The Tech Man, Episode 2: Let’s Go Tracking!

When daughter number one started to go out on her own and ride her bike outside the village, we installed a tracking app on her phone. Genuinely it was merely for safety reasons and she never questioned it.

The tracker app has two admin, me and the husband, and when daughter number two got a phone, we downloaded it in hers too. Daughter number two, barely leaves the house and she is the last who should be concerned about been tracked, but because she is a “woman”of principles, she immediately challenged us asking why we were not trackable in the app.

“No reason really.” I genuinely replied.

“Switch your data on then, so you are as visible as we are.” She challenged back and so we did.

The entire family is now traceable in the family app; dogs included, thanks to their million dollars hunting collar, (but that is a story for another time).

To be honest, I barely use the app. If I want to know where the girls are or when they will be home, I just ring them and the same I do with the traveling husband. It’s not that I have anything against the app, that is a great instrument, just most of the times I forget about it.

The traveling husband, instead, since the beginning, was quite keen on the app and checked on his daughters regularly.

“Let’s see where they are…” He nonchalantly would say to me looking for approval for his urge to spy on his daughters.

Nothing wrong with it, he is just a concerned and caring dad. If only! A few times I came home, and he was waiting for me at the door. In the beginning I was just glad to get some help to unload the car but then, one day, I asked: “Did you hear the car coming up the road?”

“No, I saw you on the app.” He was tracking me too!!!!!

For a moment I nearly believed that, after 23 years together the traveling husband was eventually showing a slight hint of jealousy. Not the case, what he was instead showing was a tracker obsession that became quite obvious when I asked him where he was or when he was going to be home, and quite annoyed he replied,”Didn’t you check me on the app?” or “Why didn’t you just check in the tracker app?”. Then was when it hits me: The traveling husband wanted to be tracked!!!!

Now, don’t think it was out of some wish to be the object of his wife’s jealousy. It turned out, in fact, that it was merely out of a practical reason: If I only cared to check him up in the app, we both didn’t have to waste time phoning or texting each other. Of course!!!! What was I thinking????!!!


3 thoughts on “The Avenge of The Tech Man, Episode 2: Let’s Go Tracking!

  1. How I laughed! Being tracked saved him time. My husband would have never wanted to be tracked because he had a great distrust of all technical devices. Instead, he texted me whenever he was on the way home. It worked for us, but I would have loved the tracking.

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