Happy 🐣 Easter

Some shameful advert ,I know but stay tune because next ortensia’ s adventure will be put soon.

Happy Easter Everyone and don’t forget to eat lots of chocolate….always good for the soul😉


18 thoughts on “Happy 🐣 Easter

      1. Dear Dwight, thank you for checking on me😘I ve been a bit on the hide due to family matters and work ,also I needed a bit of time for myself, but I’m fine now and hopefully back blogging.
        How are you?❤️


      1. My books aren’t in print, I’m unpublished so what books I have are in digital usually PDF. Sorry for misunderstanding but if you have any books that are in print reviewed I’ll review them but must be in print


  1. Where have you disappeared Girl Friend? My hypothesis is the elder daughter discovered your blog and did not want any more “public humiliation.” (Putting from the hypothetical perspective of a young teen.)


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