The Last Witch

And as promised here it is what kept me away for all these months:

“Back in 1974 the dormant Irish village of Seacross is shocked by the gruesome circumstances of young Margaret Morehouse’s death. Forty-five years later history seems to repeat itself and the quiet life of the coastal Irish village is suddenly shaken by a series of ritualistic murders.
Someone had broken the pact of secrecy to obtain justice, but if the truth comes out nobody will be spared, from the future Taoiseach to the local men of power. Inspector Billy McCabe is called to investigate but not only will he have to face his demons and test his beliefs but he will also have to watch over his shoulder because nobody can be trusted, not even the ones closest to him.”


40 thoughts on “The Last Witch

  1. Oh my goodness! I’ve been locked away in Narnia too long! I had no Idea. My reader says I’m still following you but it has been bereft of your presence and now I know why. I will definitely be diving into this crime mystery as it has all the mysterious stuff I love. And I had no idea what a gorgeous author you are. It’s a good thing you are married with busy daughters and a big dog or I would be sending you chocolate every Valentine’s Day. I may do it anyway because you are so cool and I can brag to my friends that I know you. Seriously, congratulations and best wishes for a successful book and new start on another. 😃

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      1. LOL!😂. Your good humor is divine. A clever husband would never deny the love of his life all the chocolate and wine she needs to maintain a good smile and sparkly eyes. 🍷🍫👩🏻✨

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  2. Ehi🤗 life is really full of nice surprise..sometimes…you are really a pleasure to read…even (or maybe particularly) by ghosts from the past, like me 😉

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