The long way back

It was the 23rd of may and suddenly is the 16th of October.
I was supposed to take a few weeks breaks but obviously, things span out of control.
In my defence, Ortensia’s alter ego, the bully writer, took advantage of the lockdown and produced her third book,(shameful promotion soon to come).

I know, I know it does not excuse to neglect the blog but unfortunately, days still have only 24 hours and women still have only two hands.
Yes because since we are all happily living together 24/7 the time lost a bit of its value and even more since the schools had reopened because even if I get rid of the offspring, the husband and the dogs stay and they sat to eat and be walked out and some days they even want clean and ironed laundry. Now, of course, I trust your judgement on guessing who demands what.
Since the last time I was with you, the travelling husband became officially a sedentary husband, at least until Christmas. Daughter number 1 hit the full of her teenager years ad there are days I wonder if she is seriously mine. Daughter number two is still human and smiling but developed an over-attachment to her mother. Let’s say, she’s a bit like a mussel with her rocks: glued to it and I am her rock!

”On My Own” “Alone” feelings and conditions that had completely lost their meaning with this pandemic and the worst is that if you can’t be alone at home you can’t even be alone outside because there is nowhere to go. The only alone space left is in the car. And so the once dreaded waiting in the car for the girls is now the most wanted time. My only chance to stay at least 1 hour in the only and absolute company of myself.

Of course, the last few months had not all been bad. We made it for a week to Italy to visit my parents after six months of skyping them, and we went on vacation. It was actually our Easter vacation that became our summer vacation. One full week in North Of Ireland, technically abroad so not qualifying as staycation, but still fun and we eventually git to have those so desired surfing lessons. Nice experience if only I had managed to stand up straight at least once on that bloody board.

Overall it was a nice summer, and we all proved to have a certain degree of psychological stability as we didnt try to murder each other.
Hopefully, the new season will see us as stable.
Who instead had his best spring /summer ever was for sure big ears german. He had his first vacation with the family, he started to come swimming with us regularly and he always some two legs at home to keep him company. Even cranky old Clara after a few rough months, she is doing great and the nappies are no longer needed. She is still as blind as a bat and greatly demented but thanks to the new medication she also has a newly regained energy.
She is good enough for us to start fostering again and so a little 10 months old German pointer, with a ridiculous name he didn’t even respond to, came into our care and we renamed him Hans. Little Hans (who is already tall enough to scavenge the kitchen countertop) had a very rough start in life and needs a lot of training. He is undoubtedly adorable and as disruptive as Kurt was at his age and the two of them together are cute and spend hours playing. As for Clara, we are not sure she had realised its tow of them now, but anyhow it seems to work and she growls indistinctively to one or the other.
So, even if I swore I didn’t want another big ear german full of beans in the house, here I am four weeks later signing his adoption papers.

Have a great weekend everybody, it feels good to be back.


49 thoughts on “The long way back

  1. It’s beautiful to see you around here. Congratulations on your new book and I hope it’s going to be a great success. I’ll pretend this year has never existed in a calendar and we’ve all been shaken and affected by it. Your mini you is supposed to be stuck to you, it is how it goes😊 I don’t know if not having a travelling husband is good or bad, but since you’ve been productive, I’m sure having him around ALL the time had its charms.Congrats on having a new puppy in the family, who could resist them?! Adopting an animal is pure love and kindness.I’m devastated since yesterday because my cat decided to walk out and party during lock down… Again, welcome around and let the shameless promotion begin! All the best ❤

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    1. Ah my darling friend , you know how much I value your words and support and I’ll keep my finger crossed that your cat will come back.
      As for the traveling husband I say it was a shock having him home in the beginning then it became quite p,was ant but now it would be time fir him to go back traveling 🤣

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      1. I smiled for the first time in two days and thank you for that. I hope she comes back, I’m worried sick. As for travelling, I hope we all manage to travel soon. Stay safe❤.

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  2. Haha, a new dog! Kurt must be thrilled! And maybe Hans will keep him busy enough to give Clara a little peace? I am so happy to hear that she is feeling better. Hugs to all!

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  3. Welcome back, O! Nice to hear of your travels and adventures with teens and dogs and laundry… I was re-reading your comment about a post I wrote on being a compassionate self-coach and needed that reminder. Maybe it will help you to find more time than just in the car. But completing a book is a great thing! Mine is done but needs proofreading and comments from beta readers and much more. Did you self publish? Well, carry on, keep writing, and stay well. A Dude Abikes

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    1. Thank you my friend. 💪🏻let’s don’t let anything to stop us.
      Yes I self publish except for the danish version ,over there I have a traditional publisher. Funny ah?
      What’s your book about? I’m curious to read it😀

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  4. Welcome Back Ortensia!! Glad to have you back. Glad things are going better for you. I write for fun. You name it I write poetry, short stories and yes even books. I really enjoy writing for fun.

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  5. I have missed you, Ortensia! I have thought of you often. I am so happy you and the family are well, and I love the new family member. It is wonderful that Clara has regained some of her youth. Razz has to have surgery tomorrow so send good thoughts. xoxo Regina

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    1. Ah,my friend Regina. Thank you!
      I can’t wait to catch up with your blog and see tour art displayed and read your tales 😃
      All my love Razz,hope surgery will
      go well and won’t upset him too much💗

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  6. Welcome back dear friend 🙂

    Your writing is as warm and funny as ever.

    I totally get the desperation for ‘alone time’. I am over-peopled at work and rarely get much time alone at home at the moment. I really miss travelling to work by bus and having a quiet coffee in the city on my way home!

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    1. Thank you Darren, as they say mal comune mezzo gaudio🙄we really need .we should start a “ leave me alone” club😂😂😂😂
      And if the situation was not bad enough we ate now back in lockdown.everything is closed and we can only travel as far as 5km from home😭
      But my will is strong I’m sure I’ll make it through without slaughtering anyone🤓

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  7. So glad you’re back! I am EXTREMELY behind in reading blogs and I doubt will never get them all read! I’m trying but…. Anyway, I’m glad you and your family are well and haven’t killed each other over the past several months. I’m so happy to hear Clara no longer needs the nappies!! Yay for her! As for the teenager…you know they have their personalities replaced by alien beings’ personalities and they don’t get theirs back until they have their firstborn child, when they KNOW what it’s all about. Lol. Good luck with that one, my friend! 😉 Can’t wait to read your newest book! ❤

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  8. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    I was laughing out loud when I read this;

    ” the husband and the dogs stay and they sat to eat and be walked out and some days they even want clean and ironed laundry.”

    LMFAO! 🙂

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