New Life, New Queues,No Clues

Day 10 of this new life all together 24/7. So far so good we are all alive and in one piece. Mainly considering the plumber and the tiler didn’t show up yet, and we are still sharing one shower.

It took a few days to adjust but a routine has now been set. The husband, who doesn’t qualify as a traveling one any longer, took possession of my study that is now officially his man cave to work. I won’t lie, the first few days he was home he really got on my nerves. First he kicked me out of my study, and then he kept coming into the kitchen, where I set my new writing spot , bothering me. He had always hated working from home, he feels isolated he says : “Well honey, get over it ….you are going to feel that way for a long time now!” Obviously lost and in search of those little distractions/ interactions he normally has in the office he kept coming in and out my space to make silly comments. On day three I realized he wasn’t looking for interaction, (after all he didn’t gain his grumpy reputation out of nothing), he was searching for someone to boss around like he normally does in the office, “Wrong thinking honey, this is my reign so,darling, pick up the phone and call some colleague of yours, would you?I’m writing here.” Slowly but surely he got the message and now he diligently enter his “office” at 8:30 am and doesn’t re-emerge untill 7:00 pm, except for lunch.

The girls, in the meantime are busy in their bedrooms doing school work, they have loads of work to do and this make their days less boring and still fully engaged. They are seen for lunch too. So I traded my mum taxi duties for kitchen slavery duties but in the end is still a gain.

As for the world around us, the food shopping panic is over.Well, hard to say if it is really over or if the majority of the population simply doesn’t need food because their pantries are stocked for years to come. Whatever the reason, it really looks like people set in this new lifestyle and try to live as normally as possible ,of course at the right distance. And what is that one thing to do to feel normality? Going to the coffee shop! Except we can’t because they are closed and so we queue for coffee to go….and shout out our business to our friend who is queuing 1 and half meter in front or behind us. When out yesterday to run a couple of errands, I noticed an other queue, that instead startled me. Dozens of persons queuing outside two of the biggest DIY shops and Garden Centers of the country. I see people might have lots of time on their hands now to fix and redecorate their house and garden but still there was something odd. First of all the majority of the customers were men, or to be precise dads along with their kids….and there it got me: Mother’s Day. Those were desperate fathers looking for a last minute Mother’s Day present as the non essential shops are all closed.

I must confess I started to panic a little when the husband and daughters, in all the secrecy they could manage, left the house together before I got up this morning…😱last minutes Mother’s Day present for me too? “ I got trapped in this emergency thingy and your present might not be the best but your card is lovely,” the words of daughter’s number one started to resonate in my head and so I prepared myself to unwrap a tin of paint or a bag of compost . What a relief when beside my coffee I saw a flat something nicely wrapped in the most clumsy way like only daughter number two could have done. The early morning trip out was due to get me cakes and my present was a nice fabric handmade picture frame, framing a water color paint….that explain the colorful splashes I kept finding on their clothes for the last week and the noise of sewing machine coming from the attic😀

Happy Mother s Day To Whoever Is Out There🎉💗


32 thoughts on “New Life, New Queues,No Clues

    1. My family is ok but they are locked inside their homes,leaving only every few days and only fir food shopping. We skype and now I can start see the tiredness and the fear on my mums face but it willl pass 💗

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  1. Hi Ortensia
    Hope you’re keeping well. I’m not sure whether you remember me, I used to blog at WaywardScribbles. But recently I’ve launched my new website. It’ll mean a lot to me if you could pay a visit and share your thoughts on it.

    Hoping to see you around.
    Take care!

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day Ortensia! My husband has a small office out of the home where he is the sole occupant. He is a CPA, so during tax season, is most essential. He keeps the exact same hours as your husband. I find, when he is home, he gets a little… randy! I am waaaay too accessible. I wonder how many babies will come into the world as a result of this. (or how many divorces for that matter!! hahaha!)

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  3. Happy Mother’s Day to you. I don’t need to worry about that until May. So I hope you had/have/whatever a good day. On another topic, I can relate to the stay-at-home spouse too. But Elizabeth is well behaved, she is such a workaholic, she has cloistered herself in the living room with her take home computer setup snd I hardly see her. Anyway good to here that you and yours are getting on well, same here. Keep writing – I keep on proofing my manuscript.

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