Bad planning

The midterm break was supposed to be my time to write write write, but instead, I ended up to drive drive drive.
Daughter number one, now also known as the teenager, went from class’ outcasted to class’ queen of the socialite. Don’t get me wrong, it’s brilliant that she had settled well in the new school and made a variegate circle of friends, but I and daughter number two were looking forward a much quieter and lazier week especially considering that we had not a day without rain.

The most positive thing about the non-chiling but chilly week of midterm, was that we got to meet with our friends from Boston. We went into town and spent a few pleasant hours with them before enjoying a stroll around.
The city was as intense as ever and full of Italians and Spanish tourists.
Absolutely normal, except that when we got back that very same evening, we heard about the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy. I can’t deny I did panic a little far more than a few after realizing the travelling husband was just back from Italy where he spent an entire week going around the most affected areas.
So now not only he could be infected, but he could have spread it merciless to everybody.
Thankfully nearly three weeks later, he has been cleared, but his company stopped all the travelling and here it is when the big panic assaulted me.
Ortensia is not used to having him home every evening.
NO more hassle-free dinners and early PJs evenings for a while. And the worst is that we don’t know how long this “a while ” will last.

In fairness, I can see he’s starting to feel impatient as well.
Of course, not because he is home all week with his lovely wife and daughters and hiper-farting dogs; it has more to do with the fact that he has to shower in the girls’ bathroom and he hates it.
It all started the week before the midterm.On sunday evening, the husband came in to bathroom while I was showering and with extreme calm, he knocked on the shower door and kindly invited me to hurry up because there was water dripping down the kitchen ceiling.
Disappointed that he didnt come in with bad intention but even more astonished that he managed to keep so calm, I rushed out the shower and went downstairs to check.
He normally goes bananas for this kind of things thinking at the cost of fixing them; but not this time. And neither he blamed me. ( last time that happened it was because I removed all the sealing as it was dirty and dint replace it)
Something was not right: either he had taken an overdose of valium, or something else was going on.
On Monday he was going to leave for two weeks, that was why he was so calm. The shower wouldn’t have been a problem of his as he would have been showering in fancy hotels, and with some luck, by the time he was back, it would have been fixed.
Well Well Well, it turned out I am not the only one whose plans got disrupted. On that Monday the travelling husband never left because of the company travel band; so I have to make dinner every night and not slip into my pjs until after it, but he has to shower in the gils bathroom until the good old plumber finds time for our shower.


36 thoughts on “Bad planning

  1. Wow, Ortensia! That’s a lot of excitement in your household. Isn’t it funny how things can go a little haywire when there is an extra human in the house all day? I’m sorry his shower visit was a bit disappointing!! I laughed so hard at that! As much as I like to cook, I look forward to a fake meal when my husband is away.
    My sister is in Japan and my brother and his wife are in Hong Kong. Sister is quarantined out of caution by her employer. I’m not sure about Brother.

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    1. My mum and all my relatives are in north of Italy so where the main outbreak is, but they are fine so far. Ireland is getting a few cases too now, 13 so far🤞🏻it will be contained, problem is the mist of secondary school went in ski holidays in Italy 😱
      Nothing I suppose we can do anyway to stop it. Tomorrow I hope to have time to catch up with posts, these last two weeks have been mental.
      Have a great evening 💗

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  2. I was concerned since you had not blogged in a while. Glad to hear that all of you are healthy, except for the shower. Why am I not surprised (based upon other postings about repair people who show-up whenever.) Soon this too shall pass.

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    1. And if I tell you that three weeks later I still haven’t seen the bloody plumber in owrson🙄
      At this stage I don’t even get pissed anymore.
      Very sweet of you to be concern fir my absence. I have been awfully busy as I’m preparing some material for a literary contest
      but life keeps get in the way so I’m behind with everything.posting, reading posts, writing🤷🏻‍♀️but as they say it can only get better😉


  3. I adored these two lines Ortensia, the situation, gave me a big smirk…..
    Oh sounds like you need a visit from the plumber/poet…….
    “Of course, not because he is home all week with his lovely wife and daughters and hiper-farting dogs; it has more to do with the fact that he has to shower in the girls’ bathroom and he hates it.”

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      1. Here too, School since last week and most of company were getting ready fir smart work fir a couple of weeks.eventually now pubs are closed too and lots of shops.Stay safe my friend😘

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      2. I hope you are ok now and as time goes on. We are slowly going into lockdown. Schools are closed, restaurants and pubs are closed except for take out food. Older people are asked to stay in their homes. Being an older person, I guess that means I’m here for the duration! Walter has yet to understand the concept of ‘social distancing’ though. 😉 ❤️

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      3. Vets say hug your pets ….. they are a comfort 😉Kurt didn’t get the concept of social distancing yet and misses his friends on the beach as now are walks are solitaries, but we ll be glad of our discipline in a couple of months.stay safe dear😘

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      4. Walter doesn’t believe in the whole social distancing thing, either. He’s certainly not been containing his drool! They worry about droplets. I deal with streams!! lol Stay safe, hon and give Kurt and Clara for me…social distancing be damned! 🤗💕🤗💕🤗

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