A(n other) Business Comunication

Dear followers, over time, it became evident that I am not multitasking, at least not when it comes to blogs.
Launching my author’s blog was a bad idea. Well, not the blog itself, that it would have been awesome if I only had time to look after it. Unfortunately, I didn’t. Let’s face it: I struggle to keep up with one post a week on one blog, how in heaven did I think I was able to manage two blogs?
Well, lesson learned and this is my announcement that I will merge the two blogs.
Yes, you heard me: Ortensia’s humor will have to coexist with Sabina’s twisted mind and taste for blood.
But that it is not all. You, my friends, will be pestered with the marketing of my books……every once in a while…..starting from now!

As some of you already know my first novel, Fields Of Lies, is out there since February

What you might have missed is that my second novel, more a psychological thriller than a murder mystery this time, it will be out soon too.
Here there is for you a sneak peek of the cover and a little blurb. Enjoy.

“Lola left her past behind and never looked back, until the day her phone rings, and she cannot ignore the call.
Forced to go back to Italy for her aunt funeral, she will find herself at the center of a murder investigation. What she had not realized is that the trail of blood had followed her from Dublin.
Why is Lola such a dangerous threat? And to who?
At the bottom of the Ponte Alto lake lay a family’s darkest secrets, and when they reemerge, the cruelest truth will be exposed.”



49 thoughts on “A(n other) Business Comunication

  1. Ortenisa, Normally I would not point out the typo of another typonista. However, since you were bemoaning your inability to maintain two blogs, I thought this sentence was particularly delicious. “Well, not the blot itself, that it would have been awesome if I only had time to look after it. ” You gave me a great reason to smile.

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  2. Quindi cercherai di fare coesistere il giorno e la notte, io con le mie due polarità non ci provo neanche più, li lascio liberi di fare quello che vogliono 😂😂

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    1. Ops,il messaggio e’ partito x sbaglio…..Del resto qui abbiamo giorno,note,mattina e pomeriggio che Tentano di coesistere e resistere ai disastri du di una typonista screanzata😱🙈😂


  3. Ortensia, you are amazing!!! This blog is so good and I love to read your post. And you have time to write a book! Are you super girl?😄😄😄 You travel here and there, I can´t imagine how you have time to sleep!😂 I´m very bad to reading books, but when it´s from you I hope it will come out here in Sweden! Take care of you, the health is the most important… (After the fun stuff😂😂😂)

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    1. Thank you dear.and as you are here, I read few of your last post but fir some reason I couldn’t leave the like🤷🏻‍♀️but I was getting into the blog from the mail may be the prob was with that

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      1. Ciao, sì scusa per il momento l’ho disattivato. Sto cercando di riordinare tutti i racconti e di farne una raccolta, così non avendo il tempo di fare un buon lavoro, ho bloccato il blog, ma non è chiuso.
        Spero di riuscire per fine ottobre a fare qualcosa di nuovo.
        Però ritorno! Prometto

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