Punishing Tuesday

Do you know when they say that laziness doesn’t pay off? Well, I think it does pay back instead, and I am afraid for some vicious and unknown reason that is what happened to me.
I took on a day off and …. boom…it all came back to me like a boomerang. Last Monday, it was a bank holiday and exhausted from a hectic week and weekend I decided to indulge myself in leisure, and I only reemerged from the bed, where I spent most of the day reading and napping when I started to be a concern for bedsores.I genuinely thought that there was nothing wrong with that, and so on Monday night I went back to bed happy and ready to face for the rest of the week.
Tuesday morning it looked like any other morning, but it was not. It was the day when I got punished for my sloth.It was pouring rain, and the last thing I wanted to do was walking the dogs but, because I have been a capital sinner,  they had not gone out for two days, and so they need a proper walk.On the way to drop the girls to school, the rain became so heavy that on the roof of the car made the same noise as it was hailstone.Thankfully it didnt last long, and by the time we parked by the beach, it was still raining but at a reasonable pace.Despite my being dressed accordingly for the weather, at the end of the walk, I was drenched.Too bad I had an appointment for a quick coffee with my friends, and so I decided to go anyway. I won’t hide my feet were freezing, and the feeling of my jeans wet and stack to my skin was very uncomfortable, but hot tea and a friendly chat could only do good to me in such horrible morning.
 If only I knew that was only the beginning and the horrid part was still to come.
When I take out my wallet to pay I  realised I don’t have my card.I looked everywhere. Every pocket of my jacket and trousers and every sleeve of my wallet and phone cover but it is nowhere. -damn it-, the only possibility is that I left it at the ATM where I stopped for some cash earlier on. I run back to the atm, but nobody had found my card. One of them informed me that every credit card left on the machine is taken in after a few minutes. I am positive, the bank should have it. “unless someone has been so fast to retrieve it before,” says the mean negative spoiler way that I try to ignore.
It is 9.38, and the bank opens at 10.I go back to the coffee shop with my friends who, kindly pay for my tea and try to console me:
“these things happen”, they say.
“yes but always to me? and today of all days?”, I think.
“don’t worry, I am sure the bank has it”, they say.
” yes unless someone was watching me and still incredulous by their luck and my stupidity, are having coffee and cakes on me in this very same moment”, I think.
Ten o clock sharp I am at the bank. Unfortunately, the banks’ clerks are not, and I wait  for another ten minutes under the rain Finally, the bank’s doors open. I am the first in line and explained what had happened. A nice lady made me take told me that if the card is in the atm, it will only take ten-fifteen minutes to get it out.
“only?” I think: “that is another ten/ fifteen minutes that the possible thief has to tap way my card and buy God knows what.” Also, it is another ten/fifteen minutes for me trapped in wet clothes and with an inch of water in my shoes that, I just learned have lost all their waterproof power.The bank’s lady is walking toward me, and her smiling face tells me that she has my card.I smile back and stand up as she hands me the card. I extend my hand to get it but, with my astonishment, she brusquely retrieved her arm. At first, I don’t understand, but when she blushes, I do:  she had forgotten to check my identity.After I confirm my name and she is sure is the same n the card, I also offer to provide some Id, but it is not necessary: after all if you steal someone card would you steal the card of an Italian with an absurdly long double surname?
Once home, I lock the dogs in the kitchen, in the attempt to secure the wet dog smell in just one room of the house, and I throw myself under a hot shower. The second shower of the morning,(excluding the natural one I had on the seafront), but not the last one of the day. At school pick up, I have been surprised by the rain again, and I have not dressed accordingly. In my defence, I swear that when I left home, it was sunny! The beauty of Ireland they say: you can get the four season in on day, except today we o ly went from winter to autumn and vice-versa. Summer is still nowhere to be seen this year.
Now, no wonder on Tuesday night I had not close eye as my throat was on fire and Wednesday I could barely talk.
Today is Saturday, and instead of getting better it seems to get worst.With my last drop of energy, I am managing to write my weekly post as my blog is recently neglected enough. Regretfully, my wonderful people of wp, you will have to wait for me to catch up with your posts as my eyes are really starting to burn now but, as Rosella O’Hara teaches, tomorrow is another day. As for today, the travelling husband will be home soon and hopefully able to hold the fort, while I will happily and needy collapse in bed.

48 thoughts on “Punishing Tuesday

  1. If you aren’t allergic to it, try royal jelly dissolved in some warm water. It does wonders for me in such condition. Get well soon! Hugs.

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    1. Lol, I survived much worst😂first day I’m feeling better eventually.I spent the week end in bed and yesterday too except fir school runs, hoping not to be involved in any accident as under my cardigan I was still in my pjs🤓

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      1. 💗I wish I could ,tomorrow is even daughter number two birthday 🙄so blowing balloons at the moment in between a blow of my nose and an other and just robot make me lack anything i even got conjunctivitis 😩🤣better I laugh about it😂

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      2. Party will be on Saturday…..I have to bring a bunch of squeaky girl to movie 🙄today we went for lunch and shopping and I even managed to get fully dressed, like as I had to show myself outside car I also removed the top of my pj and put some make up😀deco on the mend.bavk to editing tomorrow


  2. The anxiety of losing a card. Not too long ago I didn’t find my Amex in my wallet, Looked everywhere and landed up canceling the card and ordering a new one – only to find it in the car between the seats

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