A business communication​

I created a new blog as an author and under my real name, so for all of you who are interested here it is the links



And as I recently discovered apparently you can’t be a writer without a mailing list here is the link to subscribe to my brand new mailing list that I haven’t figure out exactly how it works yet but ill send a free ebook as a welcome gift because as they say sharing is caring.



48 thoughts on “A business communication​

  1. Linktree is a great option to connect as many web links to Instagram as Instagram allows only one web address. Black Souls… Such intriguing things from such a sweet woman. I always say women who look amazing with red lipstick are the dangerous ones😁😉💜

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    1. Lol, you really are a self esteem booster 😀and yes linktree is amazing….I actually only discovered its existence yesterday and it simplified my life, but I’m telling at the moment the only dangerous thing is this marketing business because is killing me😭😂

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      1. I know what you mean. My sister made me IG page and is arranging a new FB page. I want my IG and FB accounts to remain private. Also she started setting up new official website on wix so I can have fun in my free time on wordpress. Also, she gathered some people for the book trailer making as I have English and serbian version of my first serious book coming in end of July. With full time job I wouldn’t manage to do anything and now she has something to do when her kids aren’t around her. I’d just write and not do anything about it. Just take it easy, things will come around and I know things will be much easier with your second book. You do look like a femme fatale with that lipstick. It’s very hard to match a proper shade and yours is so on point. Red is your colour.


      2. Oh you are lucky to have her….believe me 😎and how eating to have ur book out so soon.im really looking forward to. 😍Red has always been one of my favorite colors but red lipstick is something I only recently started to wear as never thought it suited me before but with the short hair I really like it and I’m not going back 😄😘

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      3. I am so grateful. Actually it was her idea and I admire her for using her free time to help me. Surely there is no going back once the red lipstick is on the lips😊 It requires lots of confidence to wear it and you rock it. As for book marketing, I had something great in PDF. I’ll check when I’m home and send it to you. Perhaps going on IGTV and reading a couple of sentences (you have a great voice for narration) would be helpful. With some appropriate music in the background. There are so many apps that can help you making a really stunning video with all the special effects and all. I subscribed and followed you and can’t tell you how proud I feel for you. I know I don’t know you in person, but I deeply admire every woman who follows her dreams. Lots of love❤

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      4. You are amazing and I feel privileged our paths crossed . Really and truly.As for IGTv you really think my fake German accent and my turkey style neck a movement would impress an audience?😂😂😂😂😂

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      5. Btw, I’ve sent you the books on marketing I promised to your email address since instagram doesn’t have an option of sending files. Hope you find them helpful 😊❤

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    1. Thank you deat.I actually don’t plan to be very active on that new site as I struggle enough to keep this operative but I thought it would have been nice to be to have something for my books without constantly bothering my ortensia a audience 😁

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    1. Ma soprattutto non ti aspettare troppo da questo secondo blog,già faccio fatica a seguirne uno e Instagram but secondo I giro del marketing ogni scrittore in erba dovrebbe averlo 🤷🏻‍♀️grazie X il follow cmq💗😘


      1. Tranquilla nessuna pressione da parte mia, ci tenevo a seguirti anche qui, d’altronde le leggo del marketing vanno seguite, avrai delle belle soddisfazioni vedrai, ciao Sabina 💜

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