A Truly Madly Ordinary Kurt’s Adventure

Once I got my sight and my mojo back, (see previous post), I also got a new foster dog.
She didnt stay with us long because she was already promised to a family in England but long enough to break my heart when I saw her go. I know, nothing new, as the travelling husband says and then he suggests I should stop fostering considering the emotional burden. Sure, nice try, but it doesn’t work.
Bindi had to have her vaccination up to date before leaving, and I made an appointment with the vet. Kurt, also needed his annual boost and so I decided to kill two birds with one stone, and I fixed him an appointment straight after her.
Lercher dogs are such placid souls that every time I have one in the house, I look at big ears german and I think: Why? Why me? Why can he not be a bit more settled?”
Anyway, you love your kids no matter what and so you do with your dogs, and he still is my boy, and in fairness, he is still hyperactive for his age, but he is also the sweetest and affectionate of the dogs. If he only would stop to hop poor old Clara, it would be perfect!

When Bindi, the foster, was done, I left her in the waiting room with the girls, and I went to get Kurt, who was still in the car probably chewing what is left of my boot.
We had only recently changed veterinary clinic because the old vet retired and I didnt like the substitute.
I wondered why we had not switched sooner: more extended opening hours, closer to home and the same I go with the fosters.
Back to big ears german, his only experience with this vet was when he had his chest stitched up after jumping over razor wire.
He is usually not nervous about coming to the surgery, because it is typically only the fosters to go in, not him (except for that little accident). Today was no exception, he thought, as at first he was left in the car and I went in with Bindi but then, when I went back for him, he was taken by surprise.
With a puzzled expression, he got out of the car and reluctantly walked with me inside the clinic.
The vet was cleaning the table and asked me to wait at the reception for a couple of minutes, that was long enough for my boy to mark his attendance in front of the desk. Hoping my blushing cheeks were not giving me away I pretended it was not us but a gift left from some other dogs.

We are called in. The vet is not the one who had stitched him up, and between her and Kurt, there is immediately an understanding. She called him handsome, and he is chuffed.
Handsome big ears german behaves incredibly well even after the two injections and a full examination. Of course, the treats the vet had kept giving him had help, but I like to think he is a good boy.

She had been smart to take him by the palate, she sure got him. What she didnt get, it was that those ridiculously small crockets could not keep him quiet for much longer and sure they were not enough to keep him at bay when the time of the kennel cough vaccine came.
The kennel cough is a vaccine particularly annoying because they shot it up the nose. I must say that even if Kurt never liked it, he never viciously rebelled against it. Until today.
After the first failed attempt to inject him, I suggest to the doctor that maybe I could do it, but I was only the owner, she was the doctor, and she knew how to do it properly. Her message for me was clear.
At the third failed attempt, she asked for help from another vet: The experienced one.
“Don’t worry; I got this. I developed a certain technique”.
I tried as hard as I could to hide my frown when she positioned herself, legs spread on top of my dog like she was about to ride him while holding him by the collar. I tried to warn her he is stronger than he looks, but she insisted that this way he could not move and sent me back sitting on my chair.
At that point, I didn’t even try to hide the smirk as it was so obvious what it was going to happen that, if neither of them got it, they deserved it.
As expected, the moment the first vet took big ears german’s face in her hands and tried to squeeze the syringe up his nose, he simultaneously shook his head side to side and kicked his back legs like a bull in a rodeo while arching up against his back.
The first vet fell ass on the floor after squirting the vaccine all over herself; the other one, instead, after being kicked in her lower back was flipped in the air and landed on the floor too. I had stayed sat down as suggested the whole time.
When the two vets eventually made sense of what had just happened, look at each other in disbelief and embarrassment. Kurt, the meanwhile, came to sit beside me as nothing had happened.
“He is a solid boy, isn’t he?” they say at the unison trying to regain a professional image.
“Yes, he is”, I say biting my tongue not to add, ”I told you !”. What instead I dared to say it was:”Can I suggest something?”, and this time doc I know everything 1 and 2 were more than happy to let me help.
I know my fat chickens and it only took me an handful of treats and a few seconds and in no time big ears German was sneezing away and after being injected the kennel cough vaccine.
The truth is only one: once a mommy’s boy…always a mommy’s boy.


34 thoughts on “A Truly Madly Ordinary Kurt’s Adventure

  1. This was like a scene from a comedy film! I love Kurt!

    Zoya hates the vet no matter what. A few days ago we went there to buy a new collar and some treats for her. Even though we stayed in the shop department and never went inside the clinic, she was anxious. She left hair on the floor, growled at the vet when he tried to see if a collar fits her. I really feel sorry for her when it’s time for vaccines.

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    1. I know,some dogs are more sensitive than others.my me m s cats as soon they see the travel carrier go ballistic and Kurt is really afraid Clara on the other hand is annoyed but she is not that bothered🤷🏻‍♀️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shot in the nose? Ouch 😂 horrific
    By the way here they all give in 1 vaccine (in the neck). I’m not sure if my dogs had kennel cough vaccinations but I don’t remember any in the nose…just crazy 😭😭😭😤🥺

    Liked by 2 people

    1. On the neck is the annual booster but the kennel cough us only up the nostrils but is not a must do vaccine unless to pkce them in kennels when on holidays then its normally required to avoid contagion in case a dog has it.

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  3. A good vet is essential. for sure! I finally found a wonderful vet for my kitties. You painted a great picture of vets being bucked by a dog! The thing is, they need to understand that, like mothers of our human children, we know our kids better than anyone so they need to listen. I think Kurt wanted YOU to do it in the first place. What better way to accomplish that than giving the vets a hard time?! LOL!

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  4. Poor Kurt! At least he gave those cheeky vets a tumble. Walter tends to be reluctant to have his nails clipped. The last time we went, in the words of the vet, “he threw us around like bowling pins!” I ended up doing it while they cornered him. But that wasn’t the worst appointment by far. Hmmm, I’m going to have to do a post on this one, I think. Walter sends his love to Clara and Kurt. And I send hugs to you!

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  5. Hi paisan. I felt bad that I haven’t caught up with your posts in a while. Then I noticed you haven’t a lot, either. Glad to know I’m not the only one slipping a little 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Funny you are writing as I was thinking about you yesterday.I was actually thinking I needed to catch up wp with your .org too just my mom has been over and that reduce my already little time.Even my poor blog is quite neglected 😱but I’ll find the way to go back on track😘

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