The Easter Break

Happy Easter wonderful WP People.

I know on Sunday I’m supposed to post but I’ll have to take a two weeks break but I’ll be back soon with new Truly Madly Ordinary adventures.

But because I know you are all loosing your sleep I can give you ahead up saying that Mr.M has eventually showed up to replace my bathroom tap and that my new bed has arrived,after an odyssey of phone calls .Only problem is…….after they assembled it we realized is damaged😱

Good news are I have finished the first draft of book two, and that’s where all my writing time went and so now ,before the real work stats,the editing, I ll take my family for a break in the west of Ireland.Well, I’m sure they would tell you it is them to take me for my birthday but , as you you know truth is always in the middle😉

In the meantime you can take a break too and if I can suggest somewhere I would suggest Seacross where Lies,murders and love affairs will keep you entertained and where secrets refuse to stay hidden in the past!

I know….shameless self promotion……just forgive me 🤷🏻‍♀️and in my defense I’ll try to use my break to catch up with your posts😘


49 thoughts on “The Easter Break

    1. Thank you Anne and sorry to let you wait ….hopefully it will worth it 😉
      I think that disappearing to read my posts is an excuse good enough 😎😜


  1. Happy birthday and have a lovely time with your beloved ones! You are on fire, first draft finished! Well done. It’s scary that such a lovely woman writes about murders so fast😂😂😂

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  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great Easter with your family. I have finally started your book. I’ve not got very far and it will most likely take me a while to finish it. That’s only because I’m working on an afghan for my son and his wife’s first wedding anniversary. Too bad your new bed is damaged. I hope they remedy that and no more drippy faucets for a while, huh?! 😉

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    1. They should Debbie but what a burden now disassemble it and reassemble it again🙄
      What a sweet thought for ur son and daughter in love ❤️and don’t worry about my book,we are going anywhere.
      Just arrived in Galway today.ill email you some pics😘


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