Boston,Dublin,Venice Return Flight

In the last two weeks, I certainly had a taste of what the travelling husband life is. I am, in fact, under the impression that I did nothing but getting on and off planes; packing and unpacking bags, loading and unloading the washing machine. Of course, the taste of the ravelling husband life regards only the first part: getting on and off planes. Packing, unpacking and laundry are just an old bad taste of my sedentary life that, for the record, I swear it is less depressing than it sounds!

The night before leaving for Italy I just felt that I didn’t need more vacation. Sometimes it is about the quality of your vacation rather then its length is it? I felt like I already had my holidays. The little trip to Boston, in fact, couldn’t be more perfect and more satisfactory. We had a fantastic time. We got to meet our friends, and the husband unleashed himself on a lobster spree. He ate at least a lobster roll a day: “to keep the doctor away, you know”!He turned himself in the most healthy man on the hearth. I was most concerned he was turning himself in a big crab, and I won’t hide my fear of sharing the same bed in case he developed pinchers.
My side effect of the American diet didn’t show instead until we got home, and I am not referring to the few pounds I had expected to gain and that, thanks to the heat and all the walking I didn’t. Everything we ingested, in fact, immediately sweated out except the caffeine. All the cokes and the ice coffee I had drunk must have left some trace behind as I stayed awake and alerted for over forty hours and without showing any sign of tiredness.

Thursday afternoon we landed back to Italy to start our no kids free vacation, or it might more politically correct say family vacation.
Since we arrived and we have been handed back our children, we had not heard from the grannies again.
My mom was waiting for us at the holiday house with the girls and when we arrived all her bags were already by the door pronto. I suspect her car was not already with the engine on pronto too only because she is a very environment-friendly woman. The other grannie is still silent if not for a text from my brother in law inviting the travelling husband over for dinner on his own(no wife and no daughters).
My best guess is that after two weeks with the beloved grandchildren, who are growing up and won’t sit put colouring all day anymore, exhaustion is taking over.
Maybe, for the next three weeks the only grannies war it will be about who of them should not have them.


To all my WP friends,I will slowly but surely catch up with you all.

It is nice to be back🤩


59 thoughts on “Boston,Dublin,Venice Return Flight

  1. I actually read recently that to have a regenerating and relaxing holiday, you only need a few days (3-4) and that it should be in a place you already know to reduce the stress of having to search for everything. I don’t know why this popped into my head just now, but it did, so oh well. Boston sounds like great fun, I’d be afraid too if someone ate as many lobster rolls! It’s great to have you back on WordPress, I missed your posts! They are always so entertaining to read, this one was no exception! Hope all is well with you.

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  2. Great post Ortensia!😊 You had a very fun vacation I can see and you have so right when you say it’s the quality and not the length of the vacation who matters. I can understand your husband who travel much that it’s very hard. I travel in work to, but not such a long distance so I must fly. Many people think that travel in different cities and countries in their job is so great and fun, but you have not much time to see anything or do some fun.

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      1. I like a lot of fish but not all. I no longer eat squid or calamari after an unpleasant meal and I detest fresh tuna! I only like the canned stuff lol
        There’s not much I won’t eat really. Cottage cheese is definitely top of the list though!

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  3. Hehe! Had to laugh when you said you were afraid your husband would turn into a crab because of all the lobster rolls he ate! 😁
    Glad you had such a lovely time in Boston! 😄💕

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