The Regained Ring And The Stranger’ S Flap.

The morning after the ring flew the coop I woke up very early.Despite my late night ,most of it spent kneeled down with my butt up searching inch by inch my bedroom carpet in the hope to see that glimpse of sparkling to put back on my finger.At 7.44 am I was already wide awake .I resisted in bed for a little longer because by principle it seemed absolutely wrong to get up so early on a Saturday morning.My legs couldn’t stay still and I kept turning from one side to the other until I decided it was time to get up.I took a long breath and I went to the shelf where the jewelry box was.I opened it …….and closed it back with a sinking hearth:the ring was still missing.

“Did you think the ring had gone back to the box on his own over night?”,a still half asleep traveling husband said.Of course I didn’t ,but it worth to check.”Don’t worry ,if it is in the house it will come out .We will find it”,he added before going back to sleep.”Yes”,I said,”it is just annoying”,and I went downstairs followed by the dogs for whom is never too early to have breakfast.After I fed them I gave and other quick look around but without any success. I made myself a strong mug of coffee and I brought it with me into the study to be drunk while writing my post.After the husband got up we searched again together.And again unsuccessfully.Now,I secretly but seriously started to doubt the ring has ever been with the other jewelry on the desk at all:what if I lost it when out and I haven’t realized it?I quickly dismissed that unbearable hypothesis,but the seed of the evil thinking was planted. Soon vicious thoughts overcrowded my already distressed mind:What if I will never find it?What if I won’t see it and I will hoover it?What if Kurt or Clara will eat it or,worse,what if Kurt had already eaten it? My head was spinning;anxiety was possessing me and just when I believed I had nothing left but go to Italy ringless and face my mother I heard it:”Here it is is!I have found it!”.The ring has been all the time on the bench in the hall and the traveling husband just spotted it.I probably dropped it when picking up the shirts and because it landed on the cushion it didn’t make any noise.Now I can leave in peace.

My family is already sitting in the car waiting for me and when I am not out in five minutes they start beeping the horn:No pressure,of course!We are leaving for the airport nearly ten minutes later then planned,I am told!I roll my eyes up so vigorously that they hurt for the next 15 minutes and I am afraid they will never go back to their normal position,God blesses sunglasses.

Despite been dropped at the airport ”late”,we still make it to the gate before they had started to board and reasonable on time to get bored .While we are queuing ,I noticed that behind me there is a guy with two kids,a boy and a girl,probably around 9 and 13.There seem to be just the three of them and I find it very sweet that he is going on holidays on his own with the kids.Unfortunately,this sweet picture of papa bear (he is a big man with long blond hair tied into a pony)who brings his kiddies to Venice on his own gets spoiled when I noticed his flap’s zip is down.He is wearing a pair of quite tight bermuda short and it is nearly impossible not to spot the zip undone.

I never really got what is the most politically correct thing to do in these situations:Do you tell or you just pretend you haven’t noticed ?It is exactly like when you are talking to someone and they have something sticking out their nose:You can’t not to look at it but, would you tell or not? This time I decided to not tell.Not because I am insensitive mean woman who take pleasure on other people embarrassing look ,but simply because a guy with his trousers’ flap’s zip down sure looks less weird then a total stranger mother of two who looks at the guy’s open flap.

The flight is on time and we arrive in Venice according to schedule around 11 pm.

The girls are happy to see their grandparents,who are incredibly already at the airport and at the right one. I am just happy to proudly wave at them with my fully ring adorned fingers.


60 thoughts on “The Regained Ring And The Stranger’ S Flap.

  1. A man’s zip is his own private kingdom, I think. I mean, I would like to tell him because I understand it’s embarrassing, but I’d be too embarrassed to tell. So I’d pretend I didn’t see it.

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  2. It could have been a worse scenario there.

    For whatever reason, the ring might have gone flying off your finger and fallen down the guy’s open flap zip on his Bermuda shorts.

    It would be at that point of course that the guy would suddenly notice his open flap zip and decide to zip it up.

    You would have even a harder time explaining to all the people around you why you decided to unzip the man’s flap zip and stick your hand down there and feel around the man’s Bermuda shorts looking for your ring. 😂

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  3. Hi Ortensia,

    I love to get up from my bed every day, even in weekends. I am glad that you find your ring.Sometimes some small things can totally ruin our day. Once, I lost my ring too, and I when I reconciled myself with the fact that I lost it for good, I found in a place where it should be 🙂

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      1. True. Just today this morning I resigned from this job I’ve been at for a month and 2 weeks. I had to go because all the men at the job we’re extremely toxic and always picking on me. I had angry and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Luckily, my girlfriend was there to cheer me up and talk to me about what happen.

        So, ortensia…thank you for cheering me up with your incredible language and stories. 🙂

        P.S I got a new poem up. 🙂

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      2. Well all the best for a new job.u did right nothing worst then a toxic working place,I ve been there and it is terrible.
        You put ur poem up at the right time as I’m eventually back home and with some spare time to check wp.Im afraid I neglected my fellow bloggers for the last week.
        Have a good day dear,full of smiles and laugh😊

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      3. I know…my girlfriend said the same thing. I could do better and I don’t have to deal with negative people.

        Yes, I posted the poem at a right time…because I felt something in my heart, I needed to express what I was feeling in the aftermath of leaving the job.

        Thank you, smiles and laughs is a great medicine for the heart and mind. Bless you my friend. 🙂

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