The Daylight Savings Time And The Masked Bandits

Weather wise the week end has been absolutely amazing.Spring has eventually sprung.The sun shined warm and bold for two days on a row.No jackets to go out needed.The outside seats of every bar,pub and coffee shop are taken.The lack of breeze doubles the burning sensation of the sun when laying over the unprepared winter faces. Short sleeves are appearing everywhere,in any form and in any color. The beach sees its first wave of enthusiastic admirers daring the water with their feet.To some extent it might sound exaggerated but,let me tell you,here in Ireland when the weather blesses us like that there is only one motto:”Carpe Diem”.You need to make the most of it and on the spot because in a couple of hours everything could change.

The enthusiasm for the nice weather, so long awaited after what it felt like an endless winter,runs in parallel with the opening of the bbq season.For the first time the air didn’t smell of coal burning in the chimneys but of meat cooking on the grills.

Our house was no exception,today the bbq season officially started and with it the trampoline season too.Four years later, I am still convinced that the purchase of the trampoline has been the money better spent in a long while even if,it is not all gold the one that sparkles.Trampoline is equal girls and friends out for hours but,unfortunately,it also equal noise.For some still unknown reason,in fact,every activities inside the trampoline is accompanied by a scream.A squeaky,penetrating scream that,at times, merges with a deep suffering barking.The two vocal performances,together,create an ears breaking unison of sounds.Kurt,(the giant dog),loves bounce in the trampoline with the girls but because of the quite invasive nature of his playing and enthusiasm ,sometimes he is refused the entrance.Then,it is when the most loud of the mayhem happens.

I retrieve inside and close the windows,I leave the noise out. It is 5.30 pm already and I can’t not to ask myself where my day went.In an hour is basically time to start all the damn process of cooking,feeding,washing up etc. all over again.The answer doesn’t delay to arrive.I know where my day went:it went away with the winter time.
Yes,I am one of those person who hates changing to the daylight savings time because I am convinced that I will sleep one hour less.I know that theoretically is not like that but, it feels like it!

This year the all changing time thing hit me like a boomerang out of the blue.I didn’t realize it was already that time of the year until the traveling husband broke the news to me.This very same weekend was the week end when the annual evil act of moving the clock forward was to be performed.I know that probably has been told in every single tv program for at least a week but,last week,was my Alice in the Wonderland week:I have been totally oblivious to the external world.Sometimes it happens!
Anyway,now I knew and I had to elaborate the piece of information I have been given. Despite the cruel modality it was announced to me,early in the morning while I was drinking my first coffee of the day,I have been sanctimoniously gracious and didn’t shoot the messenger.

Few things were going on yesterday,on the side of the glorious weather.The day have been pretty busy and in fairness I didn’t think that much at the deprivation of sleep I was going to endure for the next six months.Most of all,what made me forget about the change of time,was something I saw on my way back home.Something very weird.

I was driving into the village when I had to brake and stop the car. Marks of my tyres were probably left on the road when a couple f guys wearing hoodies and transporting a dead Christmas tree jump in front of me out of nowhere.While they were crossing the road the first thing that got my attention was the Christmas tree:who still has to dispose of their Christmas tree at this time of the year?But there was something else that didn’t add up.Something was definitely off in that scene,I just couldn’t pin it down.I coundn’t until I did:they were wearing masks.They were wearing those masks the bandits use to rob banks in the movies.I couldn’t believe my eyes and started to look around me to see other people reaction to what was going on.Surrealistically enough, nobody was around.It was just me,petrified in my car,hands glued to the steering wheel and head nearly out of the front window like as more close I was as more sense what I was seeing could make.It was just me and them.Impossible avoided eyes contact. A glance between the three of us was exchanged but as soon they passed me I speed up and went home.What the hell?Obviously a prank ,I thought,unless they were real robbers using the Christmas tree to hide and transport the stolen goods.Clever and innovative indeed but,slightly unpractical.
I suppose I will never know what was going on but,this,just to show that when the clock moves forward the strangest of the things happen.


59 thoughts on “The Daylight Savings Time And The Masked Bandits

  1. Ah the barbecue season, always such a delight, although I won’t spoil your fun by telling you, I cook on my Barbecue all year round. And I would so love to see Kurt the giant dog on the trampoline. As for daylight saving, I’m always getting it wrong and winding the clock the wrong way…..

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    1. Kurt on the trampoline is a not to be missed show😂your wrong doing with the clock ….mmmm…I wonder if Jung would have something to say about😉enjoy your yearly bbq my friend that is a luxury😀

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    1. I’m constantly late enough as it is so I might still change my watch but not the car clock that stays the same all year around.
      Time as an illusion……mmmmm…..I wish but morning wrinkles say a different story😱😱😱😱

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  2. I must admit, I felt a bit of unease at this scenario even before you added more detail. Weird. I also dislike losing that precious extra hour 😴

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  3. Hi Ortensia,

    I read somewhere that we will stop moving the clock because it has been proven that have more negative effects than positive ones. Especially for human health.The number of suicides increases in that period.Weird story. Maybe it is Christmas for some religious group ,who knows !

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  4. Back to rain and gloom tomorrow but it was nice to see the blue skies for a couple of days. The trick with the clock is to move it forward at 3pm, by the time you go to bed the hour you lost is already long gone, so you don’t lose any sleep 🙂

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  5. Hahaha the most hilarious story I read today…seems WP is quite depressed lately 🙂
    We had snow today
    Envy your actions on the road :)) I probably should get the driving license 🙂 maybe I’ll meet those masked guys as well 😂😂😂

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    1. Oh,I haven’t read anything today as I was flying and then busy and I’m afraid tomorrow won’t be different so I can’t say how the mood was around wp,but I’m glad I cheered you up😉❤️

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  6. Ortensia! This is a lovely one! Sounds like a good beginning of spring. Omg the masked men tho… I would have freaked out. But I do love that you used a pic from Point Break. I watched that movie like a hundred times as a kid. Lol I always smile when I read your post! Thank you!

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  7. Masked bandits using a Christmas 🎄 tree to cover up their stolen goods in post-Saint Patrick’s Day late March?

    As a nosy Irish waiter having a conversation with an Irish zombie in an O’ Connell Street hotel restaurant might put it, “Only in Ireland 🇮🇪 would this happen.”

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  8. Do forgive me if it has been asked but with all the wonderful talk of the trampoline and what not i am left to wonder if you yourself ever have any interest in a bounce from time to time, perhaps as they say to get rid of a bit of stress

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    1. I had indeed……but u know what’s?is harder then it looks 🙄may be in getting old but shhhh don’t say an thing to anybody and I will keep secretly bounce gasping for breath😂


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