The Illusionist

Every year the school organize a big fund raising.
Over the years we went through some very fun nights like cheese and wine tasting;horse races;parents skills auction.I know,I am perfectly aware that last one it sounds slightly weird and it might be open to multiple interpretations but, don’t fantasize to much.
This year the event is supposed to be a really big thing.The school parent association,made by an amazing and hard working group of parents,managed to engage one of Ireland most famous illusionist and a comedian to open the evening.

To be honest I am not a big fun of magic but,that,it might be due to the fact that both my daughters are into magic tricks. Since they were small they developed, one after the other,an obsession for magic tricks. Boxes and boxes of equipment have been accumulated in the house over the years and I am constantly haunted to be shown the latest trick.So,why should I pay to watch something I can have performed at home,for free and every time I want…. included that time too many?!?

That said,it must also be said that my lack of enthusiasm for the school event this year was motivated by the fact that I was supposed to be away. I was going to Italy to attend some family business.A very brief trip:gone on Wednesday afternoon and back on Friday morning.Not even a week before I was leaving ,it turned out that the papers I was expected to sign were not ready and my trip has been cancelled.
I was now going to be here for the school fund raising and so was the traveling husband who,as consequence of my trip, had planned to work from Dublin for the week to be able to mind the fort in my absence.

I bought the tickets,organized the baby sitter and planned the outfit.I always find these kind of evenings clothes wise particularly difficult.You can’t be too elegant but not even too casual.,You don’t want to show you undervalue the event but you don’t want to be a walking statement saying far too much either. Most of all you sure don’t want to look like a tramp in front of a bunch of women blessed by a sharp tongue but not a very sharp brain.Nice bubbly accessorize,jeans to not look overdressed and high heels to not look under dressed: Outfit sorted.

The problem was now that, as more close to the event we were getting,as more the worry to be picked up from the audience was raising inside me.They always do that in the movies right?!? So I can only assume that it is the way that happen in reality too!I know what you are thinking and I can tell you since now that I was not afraid to be hypnotized and act and sound like a chicken in front of 300 people.My fear, was more to be hypnotized and say SOMETHING…(out of honesty)….about SOMEONE……present in the room. Imagine that.Because, that something, it could be the true and the true is rarely pleasant in this little social circles!It is hard enough to hold your tongue when you are self conscious.When you are not,it must be practically impossible.And not everybody has sense of humor.
I exposed my concern to a friend and he wisely reassured me saying that not everybody are susceptible to hypnosis. I felt better immediately but, not for long.There was still the chance to be picked up and,still,I had no idea if I was a good or not subject to be hypnotized:I had to take the risk.Hopefully, the usual grumpy attitude of the husband would keep away not only the annoying cheap chatters but also the magician’s assistant in his search for sacrificial victims.
Ops,did I say “grumpy”attitude?Apologies,it must have been a lapsus,I meant “private” attitude,obviously!

The night of the school gig arrived,windy and rainy.I had to last minute change the carefully picked outfit for the evening.Walking into paddles in high heels is never a good idea.My Feet would have stayed wet and slimy for the rest of the night and do not help the cold I was coming down with.
For an incredible fluke we did find parking right in front of the door.With no rain upon us we went in ready to be mesmerized.Everything was very well organized. The bar was busy:you can’t risk to get thirsty during the show.
All the familiar faces from the school greeting each others.The few little gangs of moms gossiping and checking scrupulously what the components of the rival gangs were wearing. Fake smiles and sincere grins were thrown here and there across the room. If looks could murder there could have been few empty chairs there.

The comedian was a young girl and she was absolutely brilliant.Sharp and harsh.I could see some very puzzled faces;some outraged but, most of all, I could hear laughs:Loud laughs included mine.At one stage I had to wipe the tears from my eyes.
A quick interval to buy an other drink and some raffle tickets and we were ready for the man of the night.It is my first time to watch an illusionist’s show. I am not exactly sure what to expect.My only experience about it comes from “Now you see me” 1 and 2.

At the end of the show I can sincerely say it was far above my exceptions. He is a brilliant show man performing great tricks. I said at the end of the show because only at that point I managed to relax and don’t jump on my seat in full panic every time Jose’,the assistant, was wondering around the audience to pick “the volunteers”.
Both myself and the traveling husband are glad we went and,to finish the night with the same incredible fluke it started, I won a huge bouquet of flowers.First time in years despite the fortune I usually spend in school raffle tickets.
May be,after tonight,I will look at the world of magic through totally different eyes.


76 thoughts on “The Illusionist

  1. I love illusionist. One year we took the girls to a magic show. I was skeptical and after paying 25 bucks a ticket I was hoping to be amazed. Was I ever. I had never seen anything like it. Lol it was a lot of fun. Sounds like you had a great night and came home with flowers!:) I really liked reading this as usual!:)

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      1. I came down with a awful dose of cold sore throat watery eyes runny nose you name it but mainly cranky pestilential mood🤣untill I read ur Janis😀I am not programmed to stay cranky long😜

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      2. Lol,yes such a waste of time and energy😉😍but I’m still very annoyed by my sinusitis.hope it won’t deteriorate in proper flu as of course I’ll be in my own from Monday and last time that happened because I had a Wonder Woman moment and I thought I could handle everything I collapsed on the beach while walking the dgod😱but I’m not been rescued from dottor Sheppard…..just my friend Sara Jane🤣🤣🤣

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      1. Recovered thank are very kind to actually right now waiting my daughter to fin sh her fiddle lesson and reading the book but my edition has not proper chapter😳


    1. Not the cold is now at its worst,that night it was at beginning.
      Nothing particularly embarrassing I say.I skipped the parade because is very cold today and there was icy rain plus the final of the 6 nations rugby tournament:England versus had to be watched😉☘️

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  2. I’m a couple of days late reading your article, I really need some magic to help me catch up with everything, but being a busy plumber at the moment has left me mystically tired in the evenings, and I’ve no tricks up my sleeve, no rabbits in the hat, and no lovely assistant to help me through the day. However I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post, your humour and wit gives me plenty of smiles.. x

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      1. You’re one of my favourite posts, and I’ll always get to you soonerer or laterer. I love the human interests in your stories.


  3. For once we don’t agree on principle 😉
    I DO love indeed all things that have to do with illusionism and magic and I would love to be hypnotised (maybe because I’m so sketpical it would work on me that I want to prove myself wrong… :-D), for the first time in my life I went to an illusionism show right after Christmas. It was brilliant! Of course it’s just tricks and illusions but it was really something! So pleased you finally liked it too!


  4. I guess you’re really going to have start worrying when your daughters work up to the sawing the woman in half trick and want you to volunteer for it. 😂

    Of course every Irishman is a magician 🎩.

    Every night they’re able to make several glasses of beer 🍺 and whiskey 🥃 disappear before your eyes.

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    1. Yes they are master magician but venetians are not less ……may be that’s the reason we settle so well😂😂😂😂🍻
      If daughters guarantee to saw on the right parts I might volunteer willingly🤣🤣🤣🤣💃🏻

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  5. Bizarre how I have a nightmare of myself being hypnotized and saying something out of honesty about someone else in the room and I run across this post. I have been listening to the podcast Invisibilia and they talk of a story of a Florida teacher who used hypnotism to help his low income students exceed in school. His results were fascinating but a few of his students ended up dying after what everyone claims to be a faulty hypnosis. Whatever the unfortunate case is, I had a nightmare after listening about being hypnotized myself and my biggest fear was saying something in honest about someone in the room. Bizarre.

    Jess ||

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    1. Wow,sometimes it happens to me to of dreaming about something and then run across it .we might have a some special power…..I would love that😊
      Interesting fact about hypnosis to help low learners but dying for faulty hypnosis is scary.
      I must confess I would be very curious of trying hypnosis but not on a show 😉
      Thank you for reading and commenting,I really appreciate it and sure check on your blog in the meanwhile have a good day and a night of only good dreams😀


  6. Any advice for a first time traveller to Italy, us it as glamorous as tv shows us, there’s a guy at the wine factory I frequent says to watch out for pick pockets, says other than that it’s a truly safe place, just wondered your thoughts…

    So happy to see you enjoyed yourself😁

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    1. It’s a big problem in the south and in certain areas of Milan and Rome but rather then that I wouldn’t be concerned.north of the country is more quiet.are u planning trip?ill be happy to help with advices😀


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