The Non Celebrated 8th Of March

Growing up, in my house, international women’s day has never been celebrated.At least not in the most conventional of the ways.My early memories of the 8th of March are my grandfather buying mimosas for all the women of the family and my mother inventing excuses on the phone to avoid to go out with her “friends”.When I asked her why she was not going out with all the other mothers, she simply answered that, women’s day, was not to be celebrated acting like a “group of hens” allowed for one night to leave the farm:Full stop!

When I was a bit older and it was popular for birthdays or occasions going for a early pizza in some local place, I have been asked by some school friend to go out for women’s day.To be honest, I don’t think there was any ideological motivation. It was more an excuse to go out on a school night and feel “grown up”.My mom dropped me and collected me.That night, I understood very clearly what she meant. The pizzeria was crowded with women squawking like geese.You couldn’t even hear your own voice.It was my first and last women’s day night out.Feeling defeated I had to say to my mother she was right.Feeling relieved,she realized that all her efforts were paying back.She was not raising a chicken!

The following year,with the traditional mimosas, it arrived a book about the role of women in history too.With my great surprised,it arrived also an invitation to celebrate international women’s day with my mother.I was puzzled and said I thought she didn’t do a such a thing.”Well”,she replayed,”certainly I do.I just do it properly and, now, you are old enough to come along”.
The eight of march of my first high school year,I went to my first poetry reading.It was of course a poetess. All of a sudden everything was clear. I eventually found out where she was going every year when disappearing for few hours during the day or evening. Some year it was a poetry reading,some other it was an art exhibition or a movie.It only had to be a woman’s work. Alda Merini was my initiation,Freeda Kahlo came after,Virginia Wolfe to follow,Anais Nin and so on. Every year I had the pleasure to discover the company of some woman who made the difference and shaped the world I am living.

There are so many women we own so many things to but,lets not forget the “everyday” women.There is a silent army of truly madly ordinary women that shape this world every day ,unnoticed and unrewarded.
For all those women I would like you to check a post I read this morning and that,indeed, shaped my day:


68 thoughts on “The Non Celebrated 8th Of March

  1. Your mother definitely seems so very wise to me.
    And I’m sure your daughters won’t turn to be like chickens either because they have a wonderful mom to guide them 😄.
    And oh, before I forget, happy women’s day to you, Ortensia ❤.

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  2. not to be celebrated acting like a “group of hens” allowed for one night to leave the farm

    Love this, makes soo much sense to me. Thanks🤗

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  3. I got custody of my son when he was 5 so I have the utmost respect for women. I brought my son up and it opened my eyes to what it is like to be a mom. Personally I think it should be International Women’s Month.

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  4. I do not even celebrate the women’s party, we have nothing to celebrate … it’s just business, including the male strippers, which I find horrifying. Good Friday my dear…

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    1. It is just business and frankly when I saw the general strike in Italy yesterday I was as much horrified as for a male stripper……most of those women didn’t even know why they were there…..Probably because there was not an actual reason to be there.I stick with my mother non celebrating way😉

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  5. Hi Ortensia,

    it seem you have found their own way of entertainment for the 8.March. That’s exactly the point of happiness to do things that suit you, no matter what others thinks about that

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    1. I’m going to see if I find it in the book shop tomorrow otherwise I’ll downloaded on the are all great.i won’t ask what you think as I wait for the club discussion 😀

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  6. This is a wonderful post, Ortensia, and I think your mother, and you, are celebrating Women´s Day just perfectly! The groups of hens happen here when it´s Father´s Day though! 😀 Then every man, no matter if he´s ever fathered a child, gets out with his friends and they drink tons of alcohol and call that a celebration…

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    1. Oh ,that sounds even worst.thanks God the two days are far from each other as I do t think a civilized world would cope with a bunch of hens and cocks out at the same time 😱😱😱

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  7. I am impressed with your mother and your attitude … we don’t have much to celebrate yet, maybe one day but it won’t be soon. Great idea to ‘see/hear’ real women making their stand!

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