Growing Self Blogger Award

Thank you Plantsandbeyond for nominating me.
I really like the idea of a Self Groeing Blogger Award ,thank you to its creator
It is really hard to nominate,and also I did it very recently but I feel a special mention is due to the rabbitpactchdiary,that encouraged me since day one of my blogging journey and still does.


27 thoughts on “Growing Self Blogger Award

  1. Congrats Ortensia! Just want to let you know that the creator of this award is Roda from the Growing self Blog… Not Lisa, another very talented artist BTW. Have a lovely day my friend.


  2. I was just reading all about your awards and almost cried with happiness! Then I see you mention me and it was all over, I certainly do not expect such a thing, but it felt good Congratulations and may your success continue-for it couldn’t happen to a nicer person-and you deserve all of it. love Michele

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