A Truly Madly Ordinary S.Valentine’s Day

The house woke up in a pretty high and effervescent mood this morning.School will finish early and it is S.Valentine’s day.This means after school treat at our favorite bakery for the girls and fancy handmade cards for me. I am a believer that this day is the day of lover but most of all of LOVE……whatever kind, whatever nature, whatever shape.
The travelling husband will be back tonight.His Valentine’s card was put in his bag before he left so to be found this morning and his cupcake is waiting for him after dinner.

The weather unfortunately doesn’t seem to share the light and happy mood of the household.It is a very grey winter day.Windy ,rainy and cold.While driving to school the wind was so heavy that the car was shaking.The windscreen was perpetually hit by the water splashed from the high waves crashing on the rocks.When I arrived at the beach with the dogs,the scenery in front of me was suggestive:The black sky embracing the grey sea and blending with the waves fed with sand.
Few people dared to challenge the weather this morning and I can’t blame them.We, ourself, had a very short walk…..possibly one of the shortest in history.

I am usually not that bother by the bad weather but today is different.Not becase it is S.Valentine but, because “nona”is coming.Yesterday I have spent most of my day cleaning the house and feebrezing everything and now,the house is going to smell of wet dogs for the rest of day.Damn!
Thank fully the weather picked up in the afternoon and I had the chance to leave the windows open,give the dogs a good brush and,to finish,spray them with a good dose of dogs cologne.May be a bit too much as they sneezed uninterruptedly for half an hour:Brilliant,no wet dogs smell but probably splattered drooled slime all over the place.

Once I sorted the dogs,I sent the girls to have a shower,did their hair ,clip their nails and be ready for the inspection.Me,in the meanwhile,I carefully checked to have no chipped nail polish either on my hands or toes.
I am right on track on my schedule and I can confidently tick all the boxes.Well,nearly,as I remember that I din’t ring the hairdresser yet.Nona doesn’t wash her hair at home,she goes to the salon twice a week no matter what and being here makes no exception.Thankfully they have an appointment for Friday. Now all the boxes are ticked!

It is still early and I can sit down and relax sipping a coffee before starting to get the dinner ready.
Speaking of which,the dinner,I really feel to give a warning to everybody out there:Never text or e-mail while operating a meat slicer.I, no doubt might be prone to slice my limbs as the few scars I have on my hands prove but, tonight, I really risked to leave two of my fingers in it. I didn’t. Everything is good.Everything is set and ready and it is nearly time to go to the airport.Off we go happy go lucky,it will be nice to have nona here for few days.Intense but nice.

The plane has landed half an hour ago and she is supposed to have only a cabin bag.I can’t really understand what is keeping her behind.It is really getting late,the girls are bored and the husband,who is now home, is probably starving.The phone rings and it is nona:”I am here”.”Here where?”,”Here just at the arrivals waiting”.”So are we but I cannot see you”……then it hits me like a tennis ball in the centre of the chest:we were waiting at the wrong terminal!

Eventually we made it home,all four of us.The traveling husband greets me with a bottle of cherry flavor Kirsch and a bouquet of flowers.I am in shock.I knew the liquor was coming but the flowers were totally unexpected and when I say it he replays that it is exactly the reason why he bought them:I was not expecting them.I can’t argue with that,can I? I can’t really even argue when he greets his mother in law asking if she is his S.Valentine present.She takes it well and we can eventually sit down and enjoy dinner and those yummy delicious looking cupcakes I am waiting to bite all day long.

A portion of moon is shining and I can see its light through the curtains of my bedroom:what a beauty.It has been a long day and I feel my whole body eventually relaxing.It is nice to have the traveling husband home.I tell him about my day and he tells me about his.
The sound of the silence of the night,the complicity of a late chat under the covers,the moonlight filtering through the curtains and a nice book:…..I don’t really see a better way to end S.Valentine’s day.


55 thoughts on “A Truly Madly Ordinary S.Valentine’s Day

  1. Fabulous; you juggled well! I would have been beside myself eke he stress had I been collecting mother and had a returning husband – eeeek!
    Bet your cupcakes were delicious and as for dog cologne – ingenius invention 👌🏼🌸

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  2. It sounds like a truly madly extraordinary Valentine’s Day.

    It never occurred to me ever to text message or e-mail while operating a meat slicer but thanks for the heads up warning in case the idea ever does enter my mind.

    And when you talked about the dogs sneezing uninterruptedly for half an hour, this image entered my mind for some reason of dogs sneezing uninterruptedly for half an hour but they were able to sneeze out the melody to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony in perfect unison.

    I guess I need to stop drinking so much of whatever it is I’m drinking at the moment. 😉

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    1. Ha ha ha my friend,a conversation with a tipsy mind is always my favorite of all…even when that mind is not me😜
      Unfortunately I don’t have such polished refined dogs they sneeze and drool in the total ignorance of Beethoven…..
      Have a great Friday my friend❤️🦇

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  3. Oh god…that’s one old fashion Nona 🙂 going to hairdresser to wash hair…ppl don’t do that anymore:)
    The evening was nice….I think St Valentines and celebrations like that r created to have the evenings like u just described:) 💕👍😃

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    1. Italian women (except me) still like their hairdresser far more then average I’m afraid but,yes,my mom is quite peculiar with her personal maintenance😂she doesn’t even do her nails at home🙄

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      1. Yes I know that :)) I lived on Malta & it’s a lot of Italian ppl living there (close to Italy/Sicily) and it’s a norm there – to go to hairdresser to wash hair (I did it there as well😂) …and the nails. Every second week. Oh. It looks great for sure, but takes time and money. I’m Sweden is everything more simple…I think a lot depends on the place & the culture 🙂 but I think we older we r the more service we want too…:) right?

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      2. I think it also generational and depends of life you do.how can you do sport and don’t wash your hair ?I personally hate hairdresser and only when necessary,it’s not a treat for me and I hate beautician,rarely go.I like to be perfectly groomed but by myself😉at least I have nobody chatting nonsense beside me and some strangers touching my feet while telling me all about their life that I couldn’t care less.how much nicer pairing my nails at home watching some old murder she wrote episode🤩

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      3. yes it is depends on diff factors :)) agreed.
        I can. I’m very hippie lol I can go to gym and do not wash my hair.. even after running. I think 2-3 times a week is enough, i’d never wash more often. Thats why I often looks awful lol and i take pictures or selfies only after hairdresser-visit 🙂 haha
        Yeah hairdressers love to talk :)) i think its relaxing sometimes tho… but its also a chemistry as well. U have to like the person who will do ur hair..
        Gosh u r again my hero with doing ur nails at home aaaaaa!


      4. Short nails with natural nail polish sh as colored don’t last on my hands🙄only some gold at Christmas .Toes are my treat😉always painted different shades of red usually😍

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