I want to thank cmapillay for my nomination .I am honored and flattered .Please check her blog ,Miles to go before I sleep,you wont be able to resists to be dragged into her words.
I won’t do nominations as I only recently did it and I don’t want to overwork my fellow bloggers.Also, it has became more and more difficult to pick a blog over an other.This time I will play neutral but,I will indeed answer the questions I have been asked:

Relatioship:Friend or Love?Love,it worked for as over time my love became a very good friend too.

Vacations:Mountains or Beach?this is a tough one,can I be greedy and pick both?

Seasons:Spring or Fall/Autumn?Autumn,no doubt.

Food:Pizza or Pasta?Pizza.

Movies:Horror or Romance?Again a tough one.I suppose it depends on the mood I am in. In fairness the excess of romance tends to bore me so…. may be Horror.


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  1. Great answers, Thrillers are my picks too but I like the horror thrillers, not the gory horrors with blood shedding but the scary oness…ooo with pizza I am already waiting for Friday. I watched this movie “Before I wake” yesterday and still creeps the hell out of me. I also love psychological thrillers like the “Hide and Seek”, “Case 39”, “Orphan” Funny Games” few of my favorites!!


  2. Again, congrats! Yummy yummy , wait ! Have you said pizza. My mouth is watering though. Italian pizzas are the best. When i go to Italy, i will first give a try for your pizza and then wandering around the city๐Ÿ˜‰

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