My dear friend the Artyplantsman nominated me for this award.I must say I am terrible with these things as I have serious problems to be under the spot lights despite being a social butterfly 😉.At the sme time I am incredibly flattered .Thank you my friend andplease keep adding colors to my day with your beautiful flowers.

To answer his questions : I wouldn’t trust ant politicians to buy a used car from them,mainly if Italians.

2.I definitely go fir honey on my toast,better if we butter

3.I never really followed Frazier but sure I had great laugh with Cheers so that it is my pick to watch on tv.

4.earliest memory,I ….can’t remember……

5.I do t like too much cold,so may be at the end of the day I might be better in cold weather.

6.I am current,y reading “a house full of secrets”

7.In total honesty I never met anyone who told me compassion was a weakness,may be I have been lucky or I haven’t heard them….thankfully for them😎

8.Many are my favorite directors but if I have to think the first who popped in my mind it sure is Pedro Almodovar,he never failed me.His favorite movies”High Heels” and “Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown”.

9.I can’t reduce my hopes and wishes to one except saying just hope to keep having the life and the family ant the friends I currently have.

My nominees are:



Hussein Allam

Tatiana Oistich

Andrea,the perk of being different

Jonathan Pines

Orvilwrong,Malcom Marshal

Dracul Van Helsing


Novus Lectio

I won’t give you 10 questions to answer but only one.

Savory or Sweets?


31 thoughts on “

  1. Congrats! You deserve it for your lovely blog.
    And thank you for nominating me.
    I would chose savory ’cause i don’t like much sweet things except honey 😁

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  2. Thank you… these answers are very interesting… including your first memory that you can’t remember! Thanks for nominating me paisan! I am honored and would nominate you too! By the way, I prefer savory and sweet, but not at the same time.

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  3. Thanks for the nomination. 😀

    You’ll have to read my blog post to find out what the answer to your question is. 😉

    And I can guarantee you probably won’t be able to turn away tomorrow morning once you start reading my blog post. 😂

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  4. This is a lovely surprise and your writing and your answers always bring smile on my face . Pedro Almodóvar 💜 Between savoury and sweet… Hmmm… Depends on my hormones😂 Let us say a good pizza followed by a heaped spoon of Nutella.

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  5. Congrats dear, you fall in alot of awards these days, you deserve indeed because of the brightness of your blog which it reflects about real incidents in life and general nature. Love your blog, it is truly amazing, just keep the great work up. And much thankful for your taking concerns for being nominated by you, it is my pleasure to accept and i will arrange a post sooner about it. Thank you again. As well, i am pleased to know more bits of you😁

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