A Truly Madly Ordinary Fog Day

A strange thing happened today.I looked out the study’s window and suddenly the sun is gone and a veil of mist has descended.It doesn’t take long for the mist to become fog.The most thick fog I have ever seen in Ireland. Although wrapped by it the world is still the usual lively place.Everybody gets on with their busy day. With day light the fog is not frightening.but when the dark comes it is not shy to show its mischievous side.

Wednesday is gymnastic day for CG and weekly food shopping day for me.I do good use of that spare hour. A waits at home on her own.Today there is also an extra run to do.After I collect CG, we swing by home to pick up her sister.She has a thank you card to deliver.
At the end of school,today,a Beene Boo key ring was just dropped in her hands in the most hurry possible so nobody would see anything.Nothing romantic just a token of friendship from someone who share her same vivid imagination that,it is not always appreciate by the other school mates.They always bring souvenirs to each others when they go somewhere but,this is not the case.It is more a Christmas present or may be a late birthday present and that,it is why a thank you card is required.That,it is also why at six the evening we are driving down the next village,on a pitch foggy dark road.She handmade a thank you card,or to be precise a kirigami card,and we are going to slip it into his house letterbox.Passing the card in school would be highly”unappropriated”and “embarrassing”.These two guys have certainly their own personal balance and a unique bond that is jealously kept from the outside world.They are a sort 2 “men” secret society.

The fog is worst then I thought and I am suddenly aware of how many dangerous turns the road has. Luckily the car is so used to it that I could remove my hands from the steering wheel and still arrive at destination.While driving into this white untouchable wall,my head is filling with old memories.My mind navigates back to when I was a child and the month of November was identified with the fog.I remember walking into town with my mom and not being able to see across the street.This was normal at the time.Now is much different,there are multistory building standing still and presumptuous leaving the fog without any place to descend on.I remember the endless and painful drive on the Fridays night from Milan to Venice.A drive along a motorway buried under a thick veil of fog.I can feel my body hurting for the tension.My eyes red,exhausted and eventually resigned to the fact that the car lights had no power against this weather condition.

Back to tonight,as soon the back road merge with the coast road the fog is vanished.The sky is dark,totally black but clear.In the distance the illuminated windows of the houses and the bars around the harbor are perfectly visible.I wont deny my surprise: sea notoriously attracts the fog instead of rejecting it.I don’t complaint,I actually relax and enjoy the view of the warm lights making even the most unnoticeable and decadent house the most fascinating in this scenery.The card has been delivered.We are going back home.I leave clarity behind me as soon I pass the train bridge.After that I am back in the grip of the fog.It would be nice to have someone in front of me to mark the road.Too much to ask tonight.I keep repeating to myself that I drove in much worst conditions but it doesn’t make it any better.May be because I have the girls with me I feel the pressure of the danger.The only thing I want,it is to get home as soon as possible,close the door behind me and everything is outside.

The girls are in bed,the dogs sleep heavenly on their beds and the house is warm and quiet.Outside the fog is still thick and is still holding the house in a tight strong hug.The lights of the other houses and the lampposts are weak ,nearly imperceptible.My garden is not out there anymore,not in its normal shape and size anyway.A white wall of a supernatural substance is denying its view.My kitchen and living room are all glasses and I feel uncomfortable,even if I am not sure if it is because of what I see or not see.I close the curtains and curl up on the couch.I switch on the tv :What is more appropriate then an old black and white Hitchcock’s movie in a night like this.Whatever is hiding out there is not my concern anymore,I am safe inside and with the best company ever:Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck


38 thoughts on “A Truly Madly Ordinary Fog Day

  1. Ah, a foggy foggy night. Like you I’d walk in the cool eeriness of the fog, but for me, driving in a thick fog is horrendous, and to be avoided. Hope you enjoyed the film, hmmm, maybe “Spellbound” at a guess.

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    1. It is a quite magical phenomenon if you don’t have to drive in it for long distance🙄Best way to see Venice for me is in a autumn/winter misty or foggy day….you get there and the world as you know it doesn’t exist anymore because you are transported in a magical reality.At evening time is even more fascinating.have a nice week end dear and thanks for reading❤️

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