The Long WeekEnd Back “Home”

We survived three very intense pre Christmas Italian days .The good thing of an early morning flight is that you will have all day to spend at your destination.Over the last 15 years we gave up hoping being welcomed by my parents with big boards.When we usually arrive nobody is there yet:late,or at the wrong airport.Once they get there ,on their defence,the welcoming is overwhelming.

Three days are not that much but we managed to use them wisely.The schedule was tight but we got to see who matters:grandparents and great grandparents.I am still so lucky and blessed to have grandparents alive myself:two biological and one acquired on my stepfather side.This makes my girls even more blessed and lucky.They met their great grandparents on both side and can still enjoy three out of six.No,don’t worry,I didn’t messed up with the numbers,they have 3 set of grandparents and three set of great grand parents,not all still alive ,but this is the number.The joy of an extended family.

Unfortunately my grand mother has developed dementia since last time we saw her.It is not too bad yet but still quite strange to the girls’ eyes.I tried to prepare them as better as I could and I have to say they did cope with it naturally and graciously.

By Saturday evening it felt like we were here for a week already as we did so many things and saw so many people.Sunday we kept it engagements free.I kept the day to enjoy my parents with no distractions.I kept the day to wonder around those familiar rooms and corridors and smell the scent of family.I kept the day to go back to those happy days when I was a child myself.I kept the day to fill my soul with the warmth of a past life that will never leave me.

Monday morning.We just reached our seats on the plane to go back home.Saying Good bye is always sad.No matter how many years I am away but when I leave I am always sad and feeling guilty for leaving my loved ones behind.The mix of different emotions is recurrent:there is happiness to go home,my home,and there is sadness to leave the ones I know would like me to stay.The ones I know will be sad too.I also know it will pass.It will pass both side once all of us go back to their routine.May be is true what they say that what you don’t see and touch won’t hurt.May Be is just the awareness that we say goodbye and lave each other to go back to happy lives .We are close in our hearts,this is what it matters and two hours and forty minutes flight can’t stop us.


34 thoughts on “The Long WeekEnd Back “Home”

  1. Definitely sounds like you managed to cram a lot into your three days. And it’s always great to catch-up with “All” the family. You must be exhausted after such a busy schedule. Hope you “All” have a fabulous Christmas….. Ours is just warming up down here in Geelong, 102’F here today, so hope Christmas day isn’t this hot.. Wow. !!


  2. How lovely that you could catch up with everyone back home. And I’m so sorry to hear that your grandmother suffers from dementia. It can’t be easy to watch this happening.
    Wish you and your family a beautiful week and a lovely and Merry Christmas! Sarah ☺

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      1. You´re welcome, and thank you too! 🙂
        Miss Gentileschi is actually an alias which I chose for my gravatar in order to express my admiration for the wonderful Italian artist Artemisia Gentileschi. 😀 I just love Italian Art – paintings, architecture, writing, music, sculptures… and food of course!! 😀

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  3. The hardest moments when leaving our beloved ones. This is the worst thing that i hate vacations, while was working abroad. It is really so tough, on the contrary, when the plane took off from the place where i worked heading back to my country. the happiness was covering my face. Nice moments ever. Wish a pleased vacation, and enjoy the fewest moments, because time flies when we are around whom we love, Good luck ortensia, and waiting for more amazing posts comes out from the heart of your country, italiano horray😂

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    1. It was actually,better then expected.I felt like an elf popping around quick and effective from place to place.Unfortunately unless we are there for along time it is always like that even because our families don’t live in the same place so I am constantly in the car.Very stressful and never mind the effort I put in it somebody is always unhappy with the time me or the girls spent with them🙄


  4. Sounds an intense period of time lol. Always best when you compress I find

    Got a second version of the end of the Annie saga written. Not sure about posting it though

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      1. O dear,I ask for forgiveness but I’m being totally off the last few I’m back to a kind of routine and it’s WordPress catch up day.let me feed the my two two legs and then I’ll be on it.
        I was going to do it yesterday evening but I have collapsed with my iPad in my in a bit😀

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