Let It Snow ..Let It Snow…Let It Snow……

The worrying italian family business that is lately keeping my nervous system perpetually on the edge, is eventually seeing its end. I had a good night sleep.No bad dreams; no waking up in the middle of the night with migraine.I slept and I woke up this morning soul light,energetic and happy.I don’t exclude that the good mood is also related to the fact that is friday.I love fridays and this is going to be a good friday!A good friday indeed:I look out the window to discover it is winter wonderland out there.Not that we are buried under snow but it snowed enough to cover the garden,the road and the cars.How lovely having my breakfast overlooking my white garden.I can’t wait to wake up the girls .The forecast have been wrongly calling snow for weeks and now it is here.It is been years they don’t see proper snow.

I waved the travelling husband off.Fortunately today he doesn’t travel anywhere but to the local office. Suddenly the smile on my face starts to fade off.I clearly feel the corner of my mouth turning from up to down:”What if the school is closed because of the snow!!!”.I immediately switch on my mobile to check for a text or an email from the school.It is one of those moment when whatever higher entity is upon us is invoked:”please please please let the school not be closed”.”It is friday,I have lots of things to do that I really really really want to do on my own.Please please please is my last free morning of the week”.With joy and relief I see no emails or texts.The girls are super excited.Totally mesmerized by the white landscape.A doesn’t even pay attention to the Elf threatening hanging from her bedroom’s chandelier.He is a naughty boy.Now,a disappointed naughty boy considering all the effort to go up there….without much noise!

The atmosphere is festive in the house this morning. No better time for dressing up the car with the reindeer accessories.While the girls are getting dressed I go out to defrost the car and put on the red nose and the antlers.My fingers are frozen but the job had to be done.Reindeer antlers and nose on the car is a tradition for years now.Best purchase I ever did on E-bay.The car is small and fire red(waht else!) so it is a perfect fit.

The five of us are ready to go.Miraculously on time.I have been very adamant that this morning we would be,if not early,at least on time. I didn’t know the conditions of the road and probably I wouldn’t have been able to drive at the usual speed.Last touch before we hit the road:the christmas compilation.Wham,BandAid ,John Lennon ……..We are all singing.I am also watching the road trying to avoid the most icy patches. Half way the music stop:”not again!”.The bluetooth is playing tricks lately and I hate driving with no music.I switch the radio off and back on while unplugging and plugging back on my phone at the same time.Of course the whole operation was accompanied by a good dose of swearing.The car is my swearing place.It is where my aggressivity is let out.On my defence I must say that when i swear in the car and the girls are with me I do it in italian:at least if they repeat what they hear nobody will understand.

Back to the radio situation,some swear ad an energetic push on the on/off button and ….voila’:Maria Carry is singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.The Fonzie remedy always work weather it s a jukebox or a car radio. We made it to school still in good mood and earlier then usual.It really has to snow for us to be early!

The beach is deserted,the cold wind must have discourage most of the dogs’ owner to come or made them decide to go later in the morning.I can’t blame them.It is absolutely freezing.I am wearing gloves but my fingers are ice cubes.We did most of the beach loop and the sun has now made its way through the clouds.It is up,clear and shiny.You can feel it is starting to warm the air.Unlikely the last few mornings the tide is low.The wind from the sea must have kept the snow away.No winter wonderland here.Only few flakes managed to stick on the sand making appear the beach has been covered by a brown gold rug with white spots.
Our walk on the beach is over.Time to go back to the countryside winter wonderland.


34 thoughts on “Let It Snow ..Let It Snow…Let It Snow……

  1. What a wonderful cheery tale you wove today, I enjoyed every little detail, especially your
    car-come-reindeer trip to school, thank you for sharing your winter wonderland story, you’ve made my Saturday evening.

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  2. Beautiful! I woke up to “All I want for Christmas is you” and it warmed my heart for the rest of the day. Car is my swearing place as well, where I usually swear in Arabic because is someone is around they can’t understand me. When I lived in the middle East I used to swear in Serbian for the same reason. It is snowing here today, but it’s melting how it hits the ground. Countryside is wonderful covered in snow. A true wonderland indeed.

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      1. Lol, I have a lovers quarrel with the whole world and with art. I think I’ll sit and read some of your work, and go to a happy place for five minutes! Happy Sunday 🙂

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      1. You are welcome…:-)
        and you can visit my blog too…;-),
        inspiringdude.wordpress.com if you find something intrusting then Don’t Forget to follow my Blog…:-)
        Keep in touch…:-)

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