Following Grandmother Moon

The village not only has the toy replica of the little shop of horrors but it also provides its inhabitants the service of a nice little book shop.Coming from a family of voracious readers;being a voracious reader myself and being married to a voracious reader,books take a big slice of my monthly budget.Even more,now that also the girls became quite keen on reading.My pick is usually the big book shop in the next town. Much more choice and tempting deals.Today, I am anyway in the village “little bookshop”.Well it is actually not so little as it expands quite a lot at the back and on a second floor.Unfortunately the variety of books is not that great but, the second hand session is unbeatable.Today,I am not here for books .I am here because I am just being told that the 2018 Moon Mna diary is out.
Wondering what it is?Lets do a step back.

It all started on a rainy morning last December when I went to my friend SJ’s house.In between a cup of coffee and a bite of fruit scone carefully buttered and covered in delicious strawberry jam, she mentioned this seminar she went.She just throw it in the conversation very casually,not sure about my reaction.As for her own later admission.It was a seminar or,to be more precise a workshop,about the celtic link between women and moon’s cycle.At the end of the workshop the participants were given a diary:”The Moon Mna Diary”.

I was curious and fascinated.Being a humanist and having studied psychology and history of religions,the connection between the women and the moon was no news to me.Neither were the celtic traditions they were referring to.(Never wonder why only women are addressed as lunatic?!)I told my friend straight away she should have asked me to go with her and that I wouldn’t have missed it the next year.The poor woman was tormented by my questions about The Women’s Celtic Moon Circle for the rest of the morning.It turned out that one of the two writers and editors of the diary is one of her friend.A local woman that, I happened to know too.The year we moved in the village we share the deli stend together at the annual summer fete.When they say “it is a small world”,they really mean it don’t they?

Christmas time came and I got busy.A lot happened and I forgot about the Moon Mna Circle of Women and the diary.I forgot until I started to meet this very same author of the diary every morning on the beach with her dog.I was not even sure she would even recognise me as a couple of years passed from that fair we did together.SJ played the bridge role between the two of us and so I got to speak to her and befriend her.Few beach cheap chats later I found the courage to ask her about the women celtic moon circle and the diary.May be she still had a copy.She did actually.Of course the year already started and I missed few months but I didn’t really care.I got my Moon Mna Diary.

At the time I was emotionally in a very strange place and my body was reacting as it could.I am sorry to say that at the beginning I got that diary for the wrong reasons. I was expecting it to give me answers and an easy fix.Like a magic formula to find peace with myself and everything and everyone surrounding me.Of course this was not gona happen. What happened instead,it was that as more as I was going through the diary and working on it and as more at peace I was.I started to look for a pattern between my behaviour and the moon phases. Sometimes I found it and some others I didn’t .What I did find,always, it was harmony.The little daily time spent reading and writing my Moon Mna diary started to positively influence my daily life.It became a enjoyable time for my soul and my heart.I reconnected with the origins and never forget again to love myself and my life.

Every month has a theme and tips to nourish your body soul and heart.Every day is marked by the moon phase and you are asked to reflect about how it affects you.Day after day,words after words you will find yourself fully immersed in the cycle of mother nature and grandmother moon.Cycles that are perfect unless we upset them.Every day there is a little space reserved to your soul moment .That moment in the day when your heart has been particularly happy and content.When your soul was light and shining because you have been able to see the insight.Every day you are asked to write one thing you are grateful for.It sounds simple and populistic but, believe me,try to do it and you will realise it is not.You will soon realise you have much more to be grateful and happy for then you ever thought.

The Moon Mna diary is not a magic recipe for happiness and stress free life.It won’t turn your life upside down.You won’t be suddenly enlightened.The Moon Mna diary is a break from that busy and stressing life we all live.It is a way to look at things and at ourselves differently.It gives awareness of the importance of being a woman.It is a daily reminder of the natural power we are born with.It teaches us to give ourselves the value we deserve and to love every bit of us.It Inspires to live happily and peacefully;to be grateful and ,as consequence,to live in harmony with everything that is around us. Inevitably,at the end of this journey,the world is an happier place.We are stronger in the full awareness of our feminine uniqueness.
The Moon Mna diary and The Celtic Women Moon Circle won’t miraculously transform your life but will give you the right instruments to look at yourself and your life differently:in happier ,aware and harmonic way.

Did I mention that,totally by chance,I live 20minutes away from a 5000 years old Stone Age passage tomb famous for the winter solstice that lights up the passage and the chamber?Coincidence or destiny?I say whatever we want to see!


25 thoughts on “Following Grandmother Moon

    1. Well,I don’t live like a purist woman moon circle but I really changed the way to see myself as a woman and myself towards the universe.I took in few aspects and it really brought me harmony….inside really works…..for me😀have a good day moon day😊😉


  1. I don’t think it’s alternative, you’re making an individual choice, and if that’s a good way to find some peace and harmony, then it surely must be ok…. please we all need more peace in our souls, and the whole world needs more peace and harmony….

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    1. Well we won’t exist without men isn’t it?we should probably split the credit equally between the two genders😉
      But yes we might go through a bit more pain then you do but ….hey this is life and like I always say to my daughters :what didn’t kill you make you stronger”😉😎thanks for reading and have a good day

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  2. Well, twinsie, I have a pretty big home library in my home and I am considered a bookshop among my friends and family as well. Regarding the moon circle, I am intrigued. I am afraid my knowledge about the subject is pretty shallow, but your writing made me want to explore the topic, which I will surely do once I have more time on my hands. Nothing in life is coincidental. Everything has its reasons.


  3. so interesting-I am quite curious about this. Thank you for this information. I love the way things worked out for you-all the while it seems we are taking steps in a definite progression towards what we need-though we are not always aware.

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  4. Thank you so much for your honest and beautiful appraisal of how my Moon Mná Diary Journal impacted your life. It is so lovely to get this feedback and it makes it so worthwhile for me to invest my creativity in something that brings joy and to others. Lovely!

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