Strange Things Happen and The Elf On The Shelf.

December the 2nd,6pm.I sit down sipping a glass of red wine accompanied by an olive pate’ crostini and I enjoy the result of an entire day of hard work:my Christmas decorations.

The lights are up and switched on inside and outside the house.All the ornaments are out of the boxes and carefully positioned on their usual spots.The mantelpiece and the staircase are adorned and the Christmas tree is merrily standing in the sitting room reminding my family of its past present and future.It is colorful and every ornaments and every bubble represent a memory or a place we went.Cinnamon,orange and ginger candles are scattered around the house.Tonight I will cook dinner with my Christmas fifties style apron on.Christmas is starting to be all around….me.I am feet up in front of the cracking fire.My mind is free and I am trying to relax but I cannot stop thinking about the strange thing that happened last night.

This year I succumbed to the request of buying an”Elf on the shelf”.I have been seeing these little creature around for years. A always found them creepy and that is why no representative of such category ever stepped foot in our house.CG has instead always been more keen on them.She has always been fascinated by the fact that they change place every night.The village little toy shop sells them.They are a kind soft stuffed toys.They are not scary looking with a creepy plastic face and a vicious smile.Their smile is actually quite sweet.A agreed to have one in the house but,just to stay on the safe side,she asked permission to properly close her bedroom’s door at night.Permission granted.Full of expectations we happily drove home with our elf.After all,In a house full of fairies,an elf couldn’t be missed for much longer.From mama fairy point of view it is actually a gain as the “Elf on the shelf”appears on the first of December and stays only for the Christmas holidays.Where he goes after that,nobody knows.He doesn’t involve any writing and he is just happy to be moved every night from place to place around the house.

First night of the elf in the house.Being totally honest I’m nervous.I know nothing about elves.Fairies are mine expertise.This is a complete new thing to me and I am an absolute beginner.The girls are fast asleep and I am ready to go to bed too but,first,lets move the elf.After taking him out his sack he was left on the kitchen counter.By the time I am in bed the he is hanging on the girls’ bathroom door.Pretty smart place .He won’t scare them and they will see him first thing in the morning.

It is the next morning and I am making breakfast .A came to ask me if I saw the elf.I didn’t,I say,but I was just wondering where he was as he is not on the kitchen counter anymore.She says he is in the bathroom and stole CG necklace.I don’t really pay attention at everything she is telling me because I already know where the elf is,right?! I completely missed the little details about the necklace and him being inside the bathroom rather then on the door’s handle where I put him.Then CG came down all excited about the fact the elf moved:He is hanging from the shower and he got her necklace.I didn’t put the necklace on him and I didn’t hang him on the shower either.The traveling husband must have done it.Except,he didn’t!No way CG did it and I can’t ask A if she did it because,otherwise,I will have to admit I moved him in first place.Beside,she seemed quite genuine in her surprised reaction.

We might have a real elf in the house!Of course such things don’t exist but, tonight,I will properly close my bedroom door too……… !


39 thoughts on “Strange Things Happen and The Elf On The Shelf.

  1. A wondrous elf of wizardry, how exciting, and is he on the move again tonight !! Maybe he wanted a shower before bedtime, or maybe you’re a sleepwalker, and you don’t know it, or maybe you’ve a resident ghost who doesn’t like elves, ah, so many possibilities, and I’m so intrigued.

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      1. Third night of the elf in his new home and he is still behaving…..may be because I placed him by the fairies ‘ doors……he felt at home🧝🏻‍♂️🧚‍♂️


      2. Girls asked their three fairies if they like the Christmas decorations and the little Christmas tree they put on for them to adorn their of them answer on behalf of all of them😀🎄


  2. I would lock my door so fast and put that thing outside!
    My mom gave me one when they first came out. My son looked at it and laughed. Two weeks later, even though I moved it all over, he just didn’t care. Too smart I think!

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  3. So heartwarming. I have fifties style apron too and love to put it on while baking. I love naughty elves who try making hot chocolate in the night and throw marshmallows and candy canes all around the place, do the kids need to do all the cleaning😉💜

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  4. Of course someone like me could be cynical about the welcoming of this visitor to your home….very well written and I’m sure there will be more stories to come 😉

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