Black Monday

We woke up slightly earlier then usual this morning.The traveling husband has a plane to catch.The lazy sedentary days are over and he is back on the road.To be more precise,He is back on the air.I am going to have a pretty busy morning too :school drop,dogs’ walk,car’s service,clean the house top to bottom and a quick trip to the shopping center for a couple of errands.I know you are probably jumping on your chairs for the excitement in front of my morning.Please,just curb your enthusiasm but,don’t relax either:my Monday will in fact soon turn from a busy Monday to a black Monday.

The beach is like a picture this morning .Low tied,dogs running and playing splashing themselves in the sea.The sky is striped by the thin clouds that let the sun coming out in golden rays and mitigate the low temperatures.I walk the dogs and quickly drop them in the garden on my way to bring the car for the service.The mechanic is literally five minutes walking from my home.I leave the car and walk back home where I find two very offended and outraged dogs for being left in the garden for so long on their own.I brushed them and let them in.

I put on the coffee and drink it in the garden.This is my mid morning ritual.No matter the weather but my mid morning coffee must be drunk sitting on my vintage bench in the back garden.Before you start thinking I am an insane woman,I must also say that the bench is sheltered and positioned in a spot of the garden where It traps the sun most of the day.I sit and drink my coffee caressed by the winter sun.It is my little day dream time;my little treat.Before starting my daily dance around the house with my friend the Hoover,I check my mobile.I heard a text coming in.Now is exactly when my Monday becomes a black Monday.

The text is from the telephone company.Yes,the one I am fighting with for months.It says they ceased all the services.I read the text a second time only to confirm I understood right.I realized that by “ceased”they mean I am now with no land line and no internet connection.Not what we agreed.What we actually agreed,was the cancellation of the contract from today and the services running until the 30Th of November,when the new provider will have taken over completely.

If I was a cartoon character I would have steam coming out my nostrils and my face would be turning from red to green to blue and red again.I think it is actually red.I can feel the anger raising from inside .I am hot and the heat is going up to my ears.I don’t know why but when I am angry my ears are hot and probably red too.Just I can’t see them.Despite the fury the are possessing me I decide to do nothing for the moment. I am well aware that if I ring them now I will be on the phone forever. I have too much to do ,I will deal with it later.Believe me when I say it is not easy.Not easy at all considering that,in the meanwhile, an other text arrived with a payment request for an amount that is no close to my monthly bill or the cancellation fee.Unnecessary to say that even the due date of the payment is all but familiar.

Positive side of all this is that I am so furious that I do my housework’s in no time.And that was no easy task considering the whole week end of neglect the house endured.I am energetic,quick and efficient.I am like the brunette version of the “Bionic Woman”.I am sure I could have lift the couch with my finger if only I wanted to.The house is pristine.I have a quick shower.I get dressed.I grab the bag with the few things I have to change at the shops and on my way to the car I ring the complaint department of the broadband provider.The car has the Bluetooth so it will be very safe to talk and drive.

I will spare you the details of the phone call.Probably most of you have been at least once in their life in a similar situation.Arguing with a call center operator is the most sterile thing in the world.They are like careless robot repeating by heart what they have been instructed to say.I vomit every bad feeling I have and I don’t even feel guilty for the poor girl on the other side of the line as I usually do.I am pissed, excuse my French, but satisfied by the way I exposed my case.Calm but harsh,in a perfect English.Never underestimate an Italian woman feeling violated on her rights.Never mind the language she unleash her fury in:her tongue has no mercy.

I am arrived at the shopping center.Parked and ready to go.Still very much annoyed but at least I let some steam out. I don’t have much time before going back to collect the girls from school.I go straight to return a too small jumper and then I go to the shop where I was just the day before.I went to buy a present and left with a pretty orange velvet skirt for myself.Only when I got home I realized they haven’t removed the anti theft tag.Today I am back to have it removed.The plan was to give the shop assistant the “I am a very dissatisfied customer” look . I didn’t in the end.I have no nasty words or frowns left and ,lets face it,an anti theft tag forgotten on a very busy Sunday is really nothing compare to that unfair treatment I received from the telephone and internet company.The girl in the shop is mortified and apologize.I smile back and reassure her that these things happen.

Every action brings a reaction.I always thought so. If you are nice and gentle people respond in the same way.I still believe in this but, may be,I leave out the people from my former internet provider😉

P.S. I feel ,at this stage,obliged to make a special note for all those call center operators that ,instead,do a great job supporting and helping their customer.Keep up the good work😀


28 thoughts on “Black Monday

  1. Steam coming out of nostrils and hot ears in moments of anger is something I definitely can relate to 😀 My anger doesn’t last for long and isn’t provoked fast, but when it happens is like one minute of hell. After that hectic morning, nobody could blame you for reacting that way. Still, you managed to end the day with a smile. You won 🙂

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      1. Actually, I’m dying of laughter right now. Late night, I have no inspiration to work, but I’m reading your hilarious dead fish stories and imagining us boiling out of our ears.

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  2. They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday’s just as bad. Enjoyed the visual of a fiery cartoon Italian woman. Oh, if I wasn’t there everyday at home with my mom trying to raise three boys 😉 Glad you’re at least able to keep your blog going with all the Internet issues.

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  3. Hi Ortensia, I’ve probably missed a post or two from you, but I try not too worry too much like I used to, I’m such a loyal soul, and feel guilty if I let my friends down. Anyhow I’ve been busy being an old plumber again, I suppose the Christmas rush is upon us !! I so hope you’ve got “all” your provider problems sorted out. and I see you’ve liked my crazy poem “Where Have All The Good Times Gone”, and thanks for that. Time for bed now, 1.30am Thursday 30th here. Cheers


    1. You are right not to worry about missing post Ivor.time is not unlimited unfortunately as much as we try to use it at our best.with all the mayhem I think I missed posts too but people know we are loyal souls 😊I loved your”crazy poem” and should apologize for not commenting but I was washing the car and had to keep going……a very impatient washer behind me😉


    1. Non ti preuccupare,leggero’ io I tuoi e continueremo ad incontrarci da Viki😉
      Riderai se ti dico che a scuola lo odiavo anchio ,e mi sono fatta pure rimandare un anno .😀


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