Little Ordinary Rain Tales:THE FLOODED CAR

My first job in Milan was in human resource and marketing for a big car importer.
I used to drive to get to work .That Autumn has been particularly rainy and all over Italy there were flooding and landslides.It was raining for weeks and the city roads started to flood too.

One morning I was on my usual route to work when a big lake in the middle of the road appeared in front of me.The traffic was congested.There was no way to go ahead or to turn back.We were just stack there.An army of cars of every model and colour with their owner fancily dressed for work sitting inside and waiting for the water to reach in or out.Smoke started to come out from my car’s bonnet.I panicked.I was not in Milan for long and hated that grey hostile city. I had no idea what to do.I tried to take the car off the road or at least in a spot that wouldn’t obstructed the way even more.Horns started to go mad at me but,nobody thought even for a second to ask what was wrong or if i needed of any help.I managed to get on the side of the road. I started to bang my head on the steering wheel while tears of inadequacy were covering my face and dragging with them all my carefully applied make up. When the moment of profound crisis passed and some pragmatism repossessed my soul,I rang the office to report my lateness and what happened.Thanks God they came to get me and took my car straight to the mechanic.

I cannot think about how different would be a accident like that here in Ireland.It actually happened to me quite recently to have a flat tyre and also to break down but,once I overcome the hunger and the “why me” phase, it was really not a big deal.I acted fast and efficiently,no panic.Sure twenty years later I am more skilled and prepared and grown up but, also, no matter what happens to you,an irish person will always stop by to ask if you need help.This is what my experience says!


4 thoughts on “Little Ordinary Rain Tales:THE FLOODED CAR

  1. Culture to culture would be different definitely. You could not believe that i have passed in the same situation. My car was stopped accidentally in the middle of the main road in my country, people started to make horns though without even thinking that it should be something happened to him, what the hell am i crazy to stop my car that place! , what the hell they did not ask themselves that question. Instead of providing a help, they shout out a lot, it was so horrible moment, hope not to happen again to you, stay blessed! Good news, the Irish could take off their seats to check out other in roads. Great post to spot a light on👍👍

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  2. Never had to replace a tyre in my life… and I dare say I don’t know where the spare one is… 😂😂😂
    Can you imagine me facing a real accident like yours.., so.., cheers! You have been more than brave!

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    1. Thank you dear but that is too much credit.I wouldn’t know where to start to change a tyre either😱every time I bursted them I made it home or to the garage with devastating consequences for the car and my husband nervous system🤣

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