Little Ordinary Rain Tales:Prologue

Life as I know it is being gradually restored.I should be back out there to enjoy it at full capacity:what do I do instead?I let myself being captured hostage of an excruciating migraine.I am not new to headaches.It is something I have always suffered from.Chronic migraine,this is the diagnosis.There are times when I am confined in bed in the dark for an entire day,or more.I suspect this migraine is different.I suspect is more what my body uses to get my full attention:”That’s it woman!You need to take a step back.”.This is what it is shouting at me.Absolutely right.What I need is my husband physically back to the office,that is a polite way to say out of the house;my kids in school uninterruptedly until christmas holiday,that translated means I have my silence mornings back.Last but not least, I need a house free of guests for a while too:No extra work required.Ideally I would also need to find a way to kick those worrying thoughts about my grandparents situation out of my head but, if I can accomplish at least the three points above I will be happy enough and,without doubts, on the right path to not drop dead exhausted or hysterical.

Without even realising it is Wednesday already.When I woke up this morning it was slashing rain and still was when we left for school.Actually it still is and forecasts say it is going to last for a couple of days.It has been heavily raining since last night and the roads are flooded.Countryside roads are particularly keen to flood. The tarmac,where there is any, is usually all ruined and with big holes trapping the water and forming big swimmingpool in the middle of your way.For us the easiest way to go school means to pass under the train bridge.It was definitely an azard this morning as the pool of water was already formed but not worryingly deep,yet:we waded through.All along the side of the road there were big paddles.The girls wanted me to go into them as the wave effect and the big splash are great fun to them.Not to me.I am always afraid to loose control of the car,to give a shower to someone that I haven’t see walking on the path or ,even worst,to wet the engine and broke down.
Am I slightly paranoid?No. The all three misadventures happened to me already. Those little “accidental rain misadventures”that,despite how much you can laugh about(after),traumatized you for the rest of your life!

Enjoy the tales and have a nice day my friends,I will go back on the road under the friendly familiar irish rain.


10 thoughts on “Little Ordinary Rain Tales:Prologue

    1. Thank you is the first day that is nearly gone.and also it looks like my life is back on track…..normal….who knows what normality is?!😉are you all ready for thanksgiving?turkey or bald eagle?😘


  1. Rain brings lots of troubles, but I love it. I love the smells… The mood… As for the migrains, my mother had them and since she started drinking apple vinegar with warm water and honey in the morning, they stopped. Good luck through the rain!

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    1. I love the sound of the rain too and not really bother by it actually.there is something relaxing and mystic to stay at home and watch the rain pouring down.I will try the apple vinegar ,it won’t hurt even if I have to say since I moved to Ireland where the clime is not as I I’d as in north of Italy (winter and summer)They decreased.have a good day dear❤️and thanks for stopping by

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