One night of very bad weather I went out with some friends.I was celebrating my last exam in university and they were just out for the sake of being out.

We decided to meet in their town that was 40 minutes from mine.Because I was on my own and because the weather was very bad I just did what every twenty something girl with apprehensive parents who lend her their car would do:I lied.

I said to my parents we were meeting up in the next town that would be only 10 minutes away.We had dinner at the local chinese restaurant and then stop by to a nearby bar where we used to meet up sometimes.I had a drink and hit the road back home. I was feeling ok but,thinking it over,may be my reflexes were not as straight and fast as they should have been.The impervious weather didn’t help and ,on the contrary ,played the main role in what happened after.It was rainy and foggy,I completely missed a roundabout and by the time I put my foot on the brake pedal it was too late and too sudden.The car violently slipped on the wet road and stopped on the guardrail. I was bleeding from my face that hit the front window and the passenger side of the car didn’t exist anymore.

First car accident of my life.Caused by a lie and the rain.

Still today I am very careful with wet roads and lies!


29 thoughts on “Little Ordinary Rain Tales:A CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THIRD TYPE WITH A CRASH BARRIER

  1. I still have fear of driving cause of my first “accident”. I hit the pavement with my wheel. There were no damages. Nothing was wrong. Except for my mini heart attack!!
    Actually I thought of doing a post about my driving experiences! Your post reminded me of it. So thanks!! 🙂

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  2. It was a thick fog which caused my first accident, I got disorientated and ended up going through I hedge. Car was written off, but if I am generous if I had sneezed on it the thing would have disintergrated. Shit me up for the next few days.

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  3. My first accident, I was looking at street names driving to the house of a girl I just met, and hit a van from behind. So, when I saw her… Had trouble letting her into the car. Lol

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