Me,the router and the boost.

The traveling husband is bored:unmistakable sign of getting better.I am not and neither is my darling neighbor who is minding my girls every night.Four years in the same street and we have never seen so much of each other…not even her dog comes to the door barking and wagging her tail anymore.Yesterday evening we rang the bell but got no answer .They were all in the back garden and couldn’t hear it.The front door was unlocked and we let ourselves in.Darcy,the dog,came to us and didn’t even attempt a warning bark.She just looked at us with resigned eyes: “Oh, you again.Yea,right, come in.Make yourself at home”.
Today I am only going once to the hospital.I will go tonight with the girls.The travelling husband he is feeling better and can walk down to the cafeteria.Just one trip to hospital means that this morning was the morning for relaxing and chilling for the first time in days.For the first time in days I didn’t have to rush to walk the dogs,drop the girls somewhere, drive to the hospital, drive back from the hospital, collect the girls,feed them,leave them at my neighbour’ s doorstep,drive back to the hospital and back home from the hospital, collect the girls from next door and go home to sort the laundry and whatever else before crashing into bed.Today no.Today I wanted to take it easy and slowly.Wondering in my pj from room to room ,ideally with a chai latte in my hand.

Unfortunately the evil router stood between me,my lazy morning and my chai latte.The house broadband is very slow and the signal is very poor.It was not always like that.The service started to go bad before summer.In the last weeks the situation degenerated to a point that I am mainly using the 3g on my phone.After ringing multiple times the provider I decided to follow their advice and buy a wifi booster:internet will still be slow but at least the signal will reach every room.Yesterday afternoon,on my way back from the hospital,I stopped at the shop and bought the booster.When I enter the shop and asked the guy what i needed,he looked at me and asked which provider I was with. Once he knew,he looked at me with disappointment and asked if I was in a contract. When I said yes he started to shake his head and gave me patronizing smile like: “who does that?nobody does contracts anymore!” . I felt like an idiot and tried to justify myself saying I was only in a 12 months contract and just have 4 months to go.He was not interested.I was just another “woman” who doesn’t understand a thing about technology .I couldn’t stand it any longer,it was humiliating.I grabbed the boost box from his hands and run to the till.

After I came back from the evening visit and sent the girls to bed, I unboxed the router boost and connected it.Well,supposedly connected it. “Easy wifi boost”, it says in the box… difficult can it be?Much more then what it says in the box,I say!Exhausted and as nervous as I had sat on a cactus I went to bed with my ipad.The moment of true:the boost was not really working and internet was as slow and poor as ususal.To be completely honest.I had my doubts about the boost setup.The router port where I should have plugged it in according to the quick setup guide was nowhere to be found in the back of my box.Going back to the shop and saying to the guy I am actually even more idiot then he thinks because I also bought the wrong boost was obviously out of question.I simply used my fantasy and plugged it in a random port with the colour I liked the most.It was late,I needed to sleep.I eventually gave up for the night and went to sleep with the usual nonsense hope that, may be, in the morning everything will miraculously work perfectly.

Morning time it is:coffe,updates from the travelling husband and back to the boost setup.The instructions guide was ridioulous.You must either be an electrical engineer or you must have done it before to understand what to do.I decided to check online and with three youtube tutorial open and running simultaneously I made it.”Easy wifi setup”,exactly as it says on the box.I have now a decent signal everywhere in the house.One hour later,I still have the signal but no internet. The odyssey on the phone with the help center starts.Of course the operators are all busy but the callback should not take more them 15 minutes.I leave the call back request and 20 minutes later I receive the call.I am annoyed.I explained the situation.They reset the router (for the third time in 4 months).Now it should work except it doesn’t.I ring again.An another call back.Andrew the operator is very useful.He,not only resets the router but,also changes its name and the password so that now I have to reconnect every device in the house(tablets,phone,printer ,sky box etc etc).It took me nearly an hour to do that but it worth it.Internet is actually working at a decent speed now.3/4 of my morning went already.I go to take a shower and get dressed.I came down and go online to buy a present for my grandma.It’s a quick purchase.I know what I want to buy,I go straight for it.I pick it and check out.I click for the payment and internet froze.My left eyebrow starts vibrating and my temper starts raising.An other call to the technical support and an other call back request.An other 20 minutes to wait.Denise called me back.She is very calm and professional.Kind too.I can’t be using my bitch tone,even if I would be more then entitled to.She is too nice.I nicely explain what the problem is and what the previous operator did.She checks everything.She did reset the router(again) and ultimately changed I don’t know what.Apparently we were receiving a too strong signal for our line.

930pm:Internet is still working and quite fast.May be this time we did it.Miss Denise saved the day!


29 thoughts on “Me,the router and the boost.

    1. Ha ha I know right?i confess that I also usually don’t read instructions because they bore me…..and I suppose this doesn’t help but then when I do I don’t undenstsnd😳it’s a lost battle🤔

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  1. Good news to here Hubby is recovering well. And as for those computer troubles, those hurdy-gurdies can be a terrible pain, and over the years I’ve found it comes down to how good and how helpful the Operator is, and that they understand how incompetent I am with computers !!

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    1. Oh dear sorry you went through this as well.I had my appendix out when I was 13 but it was a simple procedure.he is back home now and definitely on the mend by the attitude😉happy Monday Hussein.good to hear from you😊

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