A Halloween to hell and back

I-am eventually back after days of no written activity.Plenty of other activities,actually and unfortunately. A lot happened since Sunday:Do we wanted a scary Halloween?…We had it.

On Sunday evening,like tradition wants, we hosted the Halloween party.It was a very fun and successful one.It could not be otherwise with the guest list we had.The big Gatsby and his Daisy were there;Ozzie Osbourn accompanied by a dead angel;Ace Ventura came with a sexy mummy and,of course,MR Dead and Count Dracula.Captain Hook and his army of little multicolour skeletons too.The bloody hosts did well and their guests enjoyed themselves and left happy.May be the bloody host did too well with food and wine as he felt sick all Monday:indigestion,what else.Much else it was instead.

The ambulance came around 4.30 in the morning and the bloody host,aka the travelling husband,had an emergency operation with multiple complications.It was the first time I called an ambulance and I thought it was like in the american movies:quick and efficient .It was not.First,if you think they get your address automatically from the number you are calling,forget it.They dont.You have to tell it and spell it for them.Second,it is not that quick,i had to ring twice.Eventually the paramedics arrived and with imperturbable calm went upstairs ,checked on him and carried him in the ambulance.All this also finding the time to compliment me on my Halloween decorations and to ask me where I bought my pumpkins’ accessorise.” who the f… cares about the decorations.take them all.my husband is upstairs convulsing”.Did I shout it at them ?I don’t remember,sure I did think it .So he went and i stayed at home with the girls,waiting for updates and ringing the A&E every 45 minutes.By the time the girls were up we knew what it was,we knew he needed surgery. My kind neighbor offered to mind them during the day and evening and a friend offered to bring them trick or treat.I was worried: I was worried for my husband(no i was actually terrified for him) and I was worried about how to break the news to my daughters that,miraculously,slept through the whole happening.Or at least that we thought.A can be very very anxious.As soon she came down for breakfast I told her what happened and how I organized the day for them but ,she knew already.She heard me on the phone when she woke up to drink some water during the night but didn’t come out to not add more distress.Wow, mama fairy lost her marbles at the end and didn’t really keep calm as she thought she did. Also,apparently,we had a circus of light outside the house very hard to miss. And that is how my lovely neighbor was already in my kitchen making tea at 5 am.When I eventually made it to the hospital I got to speak to the surgeon who explained what it was and listed all the possible complications.Of course that was the worst case scenario.”They have to inform you about it to cover their back”,said the traveling husband who was not convulsing any more thank to a drip of antibiotic ad pain killer.”Right,will that make me feel better or not?NO!”,thought between herself and herself mama fairy.
The longest afternoon of my life was ahead of me.I left the hospital around 2pm and due back around 6pm when the operation should have been long finished and the patient should have been in his room. That didn’t happened.All that worst case scenario mentioned earlier happened instead and the surgery was longer then expected.The travelling husband surgery is a perfect by the book case of everything that can go wrong with a perforated and burst appendix.The 11 stitches on the open cut and the hole for the drainage will remind him of this for a while but,because we always look at the glass half full,it also gave him his 15 minutes of fame.Tomorrow morning, in fact, he has been asked to go to a medical class to speak about his surgery.Wow…..what else can i say!

Thankfully,everything went well and it seems now he is on the mend,but the fright and the thoughts you get in these situations stay forever,I guess.No, of course I didn’t need something like that to remind me how lucky I am or how much I love my husband but ,surely,something like that reminds you that sometime it is ok to live by the moment because you know where you are and who you are with today but,tomorrow,everything can change and with no warnings.If we waited few more hours I wouldn’t be here writing about this and trying to find the ironic side of the whole story.We did the right call at the right time.I can’t not to think that,may be,it was a test and we better don’t screw it.We have been blessed and spared:we better don’t waisted the chance to live fully and gratefully.May be this is what situations like this are supposed to teach you.Big dilemma is:will the moral teaching stay or we will forget about the whole thing in a short time and go back to ignore the biggest gift we have been given?A life to live and someone to love?


44 thoughts on “A Halloween to hell and back

  1. I truly hope he is okay, and back to normal soon. I don’t mean to make light of the situation, but I bet some of the hospital staff did a double take if he went in like that!

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  2. Very wise woman, you did a very great a job in handling this tough situation, i know that things have been mixed upside down, but you finally handled it professionally. As well as i liked the way when you show your love to your hubby. So glad also that all went well at that time. But i need to mention here the way you end the post, i did find many golden words and loved it by all heart. Thank you for your inspirational words. Stay blessed, Ortensia! 😊

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      1. My pleasure dear ortensia😊! It is completely true unfortunately. At the end, it is reality, we have to accept in its bitterness and sweetness. God bless you dear😊. Pass my hello to your family, by the way, how is nano?😀

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      2. Wow great, so you Nona gunna enjoy your daughter’s birthday and see you again. Very well plan arranged awesomely by you. Not only Nona will enjoy the time you also will enjoy the time when you see her again. Happy birthday in advance to Agata! I wish i am close to there so that i can attend the birthday party and get some presents for her 😍😁

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