A little morning thought:don’t let it get to you!

I knew I should haven’t taken that phone call before going to bed yesterday but, i did and it did hurt. It upset me with the consequence that I wasted precious time I could have instead use for my beauty sleep.Once again I fell prisoner of the tyrannical over thinking .I sometimes wonder if it does exist an AA group for overthinking addicts.I hate when people make me question my behaviour or, worst, the kind of person I am.I say to myself I am too old for this:this is me,take it or leave it.I fought and worked to hard to get here,i shouldn’t even give it a second thought but unfortunately I did.It is an uncontrollable reaction of my mind:a mind’s twist.I made it to the morning after and the morning light brights up my thoughts as well as the sky.A good friend there to listen makes the rest.I can happily progress with my day.The crisis has passed,there is still some wisdom left in me to not let the ones who don’t deserve it to get to me.


19 thoughts on “A little morning thought:don’t let it get to you!

    1. I know.it should be like that but unfortunately it happens to sensible soul…..may be it is a good sign as well as it proves we can we question ourself too in order to improve but it is not good when it hurts.chin up and keep going we have to do my friend😉happy Sunday dear


  1. I am with you on over thinking addicts😒 I think no matter how old we are, some of us simply don’t learn to prioritises our mental peace…I am definitely one of them. And yeah, it is always wiser to stay miles away from anyone who struggles to put you down…those are not the company you want to keep😚😚


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