The signals we choose to ignore.

By 11.15 this morning I already packed and sent the travelling husband to Romania;dropped A to school;went to walk the dogs;went to buy two birthday presents;brought CG to the orthodontist and dropped her back to school.Now, I am eventually home and I feel totally entitled to a coffee,possibly a couple of biscuits and 10 minutes of morning tv with my bottom comfily pressed on the couch.I forgot to mention that it is also slashing raining and when back home I realised the giant dog helped himself with 2 muffins left on the kitchen counter and a packet of big bubble chewing gum.Nothing was left,not even the wrappings,only crumbles.I expect him to make bubbles every time he burps for the rest of the day.I make myself a nice hot coffee,pumpkin spice flavour as the season recommends.I sit in the living room and switch the tv on.First channel first served:for ten minutes I am not even bothering with zapping.Dr Phill is on.The episode already started for a while and for what I understand is about a mother and daughter ,both disfunctional and together mega dysfunctional.Long story short ,the mother is over protective and the daughter complaints about the fact that she is 23 years old and not able to look after herself because never been taught how to do it.Dr Phill diagnosis ,with witch I strongly agree,was that they both need professional help,in particular the mother.She,following a perfect cliche’, said she ha no time for it.Then,it is when my attention has been really captured.Dr Phill response to it,was that she might have no time to cure herself today but she for sure will have time to be sick tomorrow.A real pearl of wisdom if you ask me.In my early twenties I went to a very good homeopath and he taught me to listen at my body.Our body has a very clear way to communicate with us ,it is just us who,most of the times,don’t listen or simply choose to ignore it.Unfortunately modern life is so busy that it is not always simple to listen at those little signals we are sent.Often ,we can’t afford to listen and take the proper actions.Most of the times the only action we are required to take is slow down except we have to keep going.We can do it so we have to do it.Absolutely not:only because we are capable of doing “everything “,it doesn’t mean we have to do it and all ourself.I did this mistake many times and I am sure many times more I will do it again.I am the type of I person who tends to keep going no matter what but I am learning,slowly but surely .Last summer I had a very bad bronchitis and first thing I thought was :”who does that?Who gets bronchitis over summer?!”.The answer was well I front of my eyes.I was sick for over ten days before going to the doctor and being diagnosed with bronchitis and given a dosage of antibiotics that could knock down an elephant.I got bronchitis over exhaustion.I knew it and my body started to send signals,timidly at the beginning ,harsh by the end as I didn’t listen.I was in bed for nearly a week and,when I say in bed,I mean confined in bed incapable of getting up.It was probably 10 years I haven’t taken antibiotics and probably ten years I was not that sick either.I had to slow down.It has been a particularly busy year and I have had lots of unpleasant family business to take care of.I pushed myself to the limit,emotionally and physically and I never bother to stop,take a breath and quiet down.When everything is fine we tends to ignore our body signals and keep going.Only when things start to unravel we pay attention .May be is human nature;surely is unwise,unhealthy and dangerous.I didn’t pay attention and kept going.I was fine, until I was not any longer.I learned my lesson.Treat you soul and your body with respect and don’t ignore the signals you are sent because if unheard they won’t go away ,they will became louder.


21 thoughts on “The signals we choose to ignore.

  1. So very very true Ortensia, I’m the living proof. Seventeen years ago now, and my dear Carole was into her seventeenth year of her severe and awful MS. I was her carer, got up early, got her breakfast, showered her, made my lunchbox up. made sure she was comfortable, at that stage she could get around the house in her wheelchair. I’d rush off to work, then rush back home to get her lunch, and pray she was going ok, then back to work for me in the afternoon, but not for too long, poor Carole would tire badly by mid afternoon, that was the way of MS, so I’d come home, put a load of washing on, do some house cleaning, and then prepare dinner, etc, and put Carole to bed. I was a plumber and worked hard in the hours i’d have available. so I’d been doing this day in day out for those first seventeen years, mind you I was always tired, but I never had time to be sick, even if I was sick, I never noticed, my mind was just pushing to do what I had to do !! Then POW !! September 2000, my body said to brain “I’ve had enough !!” CRASH !! down I went….. Yep… Ivor’s had a Stroke….. So i’m the classic story of over-driving your body to that inevitable point. But I didn’t know or chose to ignore….. Yes we must be more mindful and kinder to ourselves…….. Haha, and the rest our story, Carole and Ivor, is quite a saga, and I suppose that’s what my poem’s are all about ….. Please look after yourself, make yourself number one, and rest will fall into place anyhow. xx


    1. Oh Ivor you had been the best for Carole.Leaving proof of importance of not overworking ourself but also leaving proof sometimes unfortunately it is not that easy.I feel for you and I totally understand you because few years back I broke emotionally.One night,apparently out of the blue,I start crying and couldn’t stop.I couldn’t move,I couldn’t reason.My husband had to call the doctor and they had to sedate me,that bad it was my mental overwork.Got the lesson but physically still slipping in the mistake here and there I am afraid.take care of yourself my friend ❤️


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