Ophelia,Nona and me.

I’m drinking my coffe still in my pj this morning as there is no rush to get the girls up.Ophelia is due to hit Ireland today and schools are closed nationwide.It still very quite out there.The wind didn’t rise yet and there is only a very light drizzle.Black and grey clouds are dominating the sky,rays of bright reddish light are breaking the clouds pattern.The silence outside is in a way scary.Black birds flying around cracking like they are trying to threaten whoever and whatever is in their way .The whole country has been declared red zone alert and they warned to stay inside from 1 o’clock in the afternoon.We did our part securing the trampoline,removing the glass from the outdoor table and the parasol.We charged all our devices and check if the little torches we have in the house work.Candles are never a shortage anyway.The traveling husband dispensed all his team from going to the office today and he is working from home himself.I strongly hope Ophelia will decide to surprise us with a twist of her mind and turn to somewhere else.In the same way I strongly hope her force has been overestimated.I am under the impression today is going to be a long long day.I will be trapped in the house with a cranky husband who needs quiet to work and probably will be closed in the study all day.I will be trapped in the house with two dogs who can’t go out for their walk.Well they could go out for their walk but their mom feel like a lazy cow today and the hurricane seems like a good excuse not to bring them.I will be trapped in the house with two little girls soon bored.I will be trapped in the house with the two little girls’ nona probably bored sooner then them.I am infusing my tongue with rescue remedy and thinking at a plan for the day.Well,if it turns that bad the girls can walk the dogs at turn along our road and the four of them will be at least entertained for a while.Nona,is far more engaging to entertain.We took the day for ourself yesterday and went into the city for the day.We took the train in the morning and back in the evening:We had lunch,shopping and lots of chats.Of course when I say chats I mean constructive critics!.After all she is here for 4 days now and couldn’t waist the chance of the two of us be alone for not saying what’s wrong with me,the house,the girls and the husband.I took it and sucked it up as I knew it was coming .I knew I was wearing a dress to short when I went out Saturday night.I knew my husband used a disrespectful tone over breakfast yesterday.I knew my daughters are good,well mannered ,easy lovely girls but far too independent for their age:how could they possibly wash their hair properly on their own?and why do I not impose more myself with my eldest one about her choice of clothes?I knew there are few styling improvements the house can do with( move a picture from a room to an other,change that lamp that is now out of fashion and so on).She is the queen of the not requested advice,but of course she does it with the best of the intentions:she is only trying to help me and improve me.I don’t really need help and improve:can it just be that I have different tastes and life’s approach then hers? Sometimes I can clearly see the puzzlement on her face when she looks at me:how could I have turned so different,in certain aspects,from the way she raised me??!?! She will never give up on this,and constantly keep trying to get me on the right path .I was there once and I never felt more miserable…..Bree Vanderkamp Tupperware queen attitude was killing me even if was making my mother so happy.I can clearly also see she is very proud of me (even if she doesn’t say it because praising too much is never good .It slow the driven)but still there is this “me” that is wrong and she needs to fix.Who is going to give up first is still not sure as we are both stubborn and,lets face it,I spent too much time and money with therapy to get to this equilibrium of mine.I can’t go back and I don’t want to go back:Im in peace now.It is 9.30and everybody is up:there is a impatient nona who wants to start cleaning ;there are 2 girls arguing about what board game to play ;there are two very agitated barking dogs and a husband still locked in his study.I can hear him sighing from outside by the way.I supposed best thing to do for me at this stage is just put on my Wellington and head off to the fields behind the house with the dogs.A bit of quiet before the storm won’t hurt.


22 thoughts on “Ophelia,Nona and me.

  1. I loved that last line, “A bit of Quiet before the storm won’t hurt”. Hope you got your walk with the dogs, and that the big tempest isn’t too harsh. Thinking of you over there, from way down here.

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    1. Thank you dear,I’m fine and it seems the storm is going away without big damages in my area.not all Ireland has been that lucky unfortunately.
      Tomorrow school still closed and I have dentist but after that I promise I’ll catch up with awards 😀

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