A woman ,a sidecar,a daydream

I always found Tuesday the longest day of the week.It felt this way when I was a student ,then when I started to work and still is now that I am a”little good housewife” ,as someone would say.So, Tuesday is my longest day since forever and with his devastating never end it always brought along some melancholic mood as well, but not today.Today has been an happy fast daydreaming Tuesday.It started like a normal Tuesday.I woke up with the usual goal to get to the end of this day in a way or an other but ,then ,everything changed.A brief mind opening encounter happened.It was school pick up time and I was late.For the record being late has nothing to do with Tuesday. It is a pathological condition I have inherited from my mother.I don’t choose to be late.I am not late because I don’t care.Simply there is always something that happens and delays me.Here I am,speeding with my little red car through the back road that from my house leads down the school .The landscape is beautiful: a grey sea mixing with a blue sky in front of me and still green hills at my back. I love this back road, even if it is not as intriguing as “the back road” in Abbot’s book.The most criminal thing that can happen is crossing the man ,who owns the stable down the road,riding his horse while keeping his dog on the lead.It is actually a quite picturesque image when you find it in front of you.A very dangerous one as well,when it happens after a blind bend.Anyway as much unusual it is ,to see someone taking his dog for a walk on the lead while riding his horse ,it is not the life changing encounter I did today.Neither was the group of amateurs cyclists I nearly stroked down like ninepins.Just a little diversion from my story to say how much I hate cyclists on the road. Not all cyclists.I am a cyclist too but I use a cycling path and I am cyclist for fun,I don’t race in group of 4/5 side by side in a countryside narrow and bumpy road keeping the cars behind or forcing them to overtake totally unsafely.I don’t even wear those professional tight outfit who lives nothing to imagination.It is ok if you are fit like a professional cyclist but not really when you are sweating more because of the full fried Irish breakfast you ate in the morning then for the fatigue.My husband always says that if he will ever be called following my involvement in a road accident with some cyclist ,he will make sure to get to the scene with a good lawyer already. Probably it was not an accident at all.Now ,back to my story,once I overtake the man with the horse and the dog and once I overtake the group of cyclists swearing and using the best repertoire of my potty mouth,then it is the moment I see it.Coming toward me……….a vintage stunning sidecar.Beautiful,classy and it strikes me:that is my retirement plan!Making a step back I must say that my other half always had motorcycles since he was 14.I soon started to enjoy the role of the passenger.Years and years of fun in the back of my hairy biker.Because once a biker always a biker ,he still have a motorbike.The current motorbike is not as powerful as the one we used to have but, I am afraid,not even our capacity of healing broken bones is as powerful as 15 years go.It might not be the fastest bike but it serves the purpose of avoiding traffic and bringing his dame for a comfortable ride I don’t go on the bike that often anymore but when I do I am always enchanted by the feeling of freedom.I love the speed(if only a bit more) and I love the intimacy,the complicity between driver and passenger.May be because it reminds of a youth of rides around Italy.In particular there was a lake we used to go summer time .It took around 2 hours to get there through a lovely mountain road .We usually got there ,have a swim,dry up,go for lunch and back home in the evening.Beautiful memories.Now ,when we are kids free,we go to Dun Laoghaire,stretch our legs ,straight our backs,have fish and chips and go home.Things change.We had a fast crazy yesterday,we have an enjoyable today but what is gonna be tomorrow?I am thinking ahead.Will we still be able to enjoy the motorbike in our 60s/70s?May be,or may be not ; or may be it will be more a sufferance for our joints and necks then a joy.Will we just renounce to feel the freedom of seeing the world around us without being trapped behind a car’s window?No,No,No.Sidecar,perfect solution.When it passed me I just looked at it with a big smile on my face.I thought about it all day.I had a marvellous daydream about travelling in the sidecar around Ireland,south of France and why not Isle of Man.We have friends there and it seems the perfect place to travel on board of a side car.Going first along the coast for then continue our ride through the green countryside roads ornate by lines of poppies .Stopping for the night in some folklorist pub with accommodations.Our bedroom window overlooking the back yard .Violets,geraniums and hydrangeas colouring the view.Basket of yellow and purple pansies hanging above our heads while we enjoy a pint of cider waiting for the pink sunset.Who wants to go back to normal life now!From half afternoon the travelling husband is working from home as he is leaving early tomorrow morning.He is done with the conference calls and I take the opportunity to enquire about a possible purchase of a side car enthusiastically enlightening him about how it could be the perfect companion for our elderly days.Did I ever mention that the travelling husband has a degree in mathematics and statistic? No,don’t get me wrong,I don’t want to show off,but I think it is a piece of necessary information to understand that he only gives straight pragmatic answers.Also,did I ever mention his wife have a degree in Philosophy?No, again, I am not showing off,it is just an other necessary piece of information to understand she mainly ask questions that are the irrational fruit of her mind’s rumination.That said, his answer for tonight was”No.”That’s it,full stop!I can be stubborn.I go on and try to explain that it would be perfect for us and I could drive it too.I could have a ride with the dogs sometime…..wouldn’t be awesome.I am talking to him,but I am also back to my day dream and I’m imagining myself driving the sidecar with my dogs beside me.I know: unreal ,idiotic even a bit populistic but funny and entertaining.After all,what is the harm on having a bit of fun with your imagination?Unfortunately,square minds have not much imagination.I am annoyed.I leave the room and go in the kitchen.Few minutes after,he follows.Shy attempt to see if I am just a bit annoyed,very annoyed or cross.Neither of them,really.But I won’t give in.He sits on one of the kitchen stool and go: “when we ‘ll be retired,hopefully the girls we’ll be on their own for a while.We will buy a convertible little spider car.We will be sitting comfortably,we will still see the landscape open air and we will also have two little sits in the back for the dogs.What about that.Screw the sidecar”.Damn!Square minds might not have imagination but they are good on planning and they are usually right.


28 thoughts on “A woman ,a sidecar,a daydream

  1. This was such a great post – I loved the traveling feel of it, and the cozy interplay between you and your husband. I think he’s right about the convertible. He IS the traveling husband, after all!

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  2. Hi Ortensia, I haven’t read much of the post yet, I have trouble reading longish type articles on the, something to do with eyes and concentration level… so I’ve printed off a copy[hope that’s by you] and shall read later. Cheers.

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  3. So good, Ortensia! I love how you showed us another insight into your world . It’s nice to have a good connection even if it’s sometimes annoying! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  4. A fun to read post. All the things with your husband, the retirement plan. Delighted. For me Friday is longest, waiting for the weekend and the day never ends ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‚


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