The killer fish…….to be continued

Just a brief update :Ozzy and Smarthy died this morning.

I am deeply demotivated and totally running out of hope that I will ever again been able to keep any sort of marine creatures alive.This time I am not going to transform myself in Mrs Wolfe and scrub to exhaustion the tank.I am just going to dispose of it.No more fishes,for a while.I can’t fight the dark forces conjuring against my aquarium survival.Also I can’t fight my husband who had forbidden me from spending any other money on anything aquatic,for the time being.Well ,he actually said”forever”,but he might change his mind when I will start spending in shoes instead.I mean,what else do I have left?!?!

So,to all those friends who followed my fishes adventures and misadventure with compassion and have been sympathetic through the whole ordeal,I say : “don’t desperate,the killer fish saga is to be continued,but not any time soon……I think.


10 thoughts on “The killer fish…….to be continued

  1. Sad to hear that – I hope you gave them a decent ‘burial at sea’, which is what I do when a fish dies. (It’s code for ‘flush them down the loo’)

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  2. So sorry to hear that about your fish. I am sure you husband gunna change his mind, when he sees you buying shoes instead😂! Because shoes are so expensive and buying fish will be cheaper according to him. Wish all the best, dear ortenia😊👍

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