A long happy week

I woke up this morning,had breakfast and,as some of you already know,spilled my coffee all over me.In my defence this time there was a reason.I was reading and laughing my head off.I was just not being clumsy as my usual me.I am afraid last night I had a couple of glasses of whiskey too many as my stomach this morning is reminding me.Head,more or less is fine…….hard to say when it is more confused then usual.It is been a long week but not like a heavy long week.It has been long because out of the routine.Pleasantly out of routine.The travel husband(as I am calling him recently because of all the business travel he is doing)came home Wednesday night and took a day off on Thursday for our anniversary.My sweet grumpy bear!Considering that romanticism is not a word belonging to his vocabulary,it was an extraordinary gesture.Wednesday was slushing rain and so was Friday half day,but Thursday was an amazing day.Sunny and warm.The cosmic forces were totally on our favour…..a bit of a stretch??May be!!Anyway we didn’t have to collect the kids untill 3.30 so we took the full treat: breakfast out,walk on the beach with the dogs,lunch in town……When we go out it is usually evening time ,we don’t usually call the baby sitter during the day and my husband very rarely takes days off work, so it was strange being out in daylight just the two of us.It was nice.We didn’t do anything special but the whole day turned out perfectly special.The perfection of simplicity.The week was pleasantly long even because yesterday evening,an almost impossible thing happened: both the girls were invited to the same birthday party.That meant we had nearly two hours for ourself…again…and again no baby sitter to be paid.We went to the village next ours,and sat outside at one of the pub on the harbour:what a luxury!.I am always amazed by how lucky we are ,by how happy we can be ,simply being able to enjoy and appreciate the little things that life gives us.They might seems little ordinary things but in fact,they are big presents we are blessed with.We should be grateful and appreciate them fully,always.When I think at everything I have,emotionally and materialistically, I feel incommensurably rich and wonder in shame why so often I can’t just focus on this instead of ranting,complaining and feeling down.Human nature I am afraid.It has been a while now that,on the Fridays, I imposed the rule of no television,for the adults.If we are both at home,it is date night.We have dinner ,we chat ,we have a drink,(sometime far more then one),we reconnect.So we did yesterday.I think,because of all these happy happenings of the last couple of days I had the impression I already had my week end in a way and this morning when I got up I was nearly surprised(pleasantly surprised)to realise that I still have the whole week end ahead of me.Well,to tell the complete true I was also relieved,considering the sluggish feeling I woke up with.I felt all morning like the frog in the heartburn tablets advertising.May be that’ s why I decided to wear a long green skirt…..my subconscious leaded my fashion choice today…….the burping frog has been my personal shopper.The day is progressing slowly.The house is quiet,girls are busy art crafting,husband went out shooting ,dogs are sleeping and I had nothing plan for today anyway. I am more then happy to stay at home and go back to my writing.It is been few days I am not posting and also it has been few days I am not working on my story.Today it seems the right day to go back to both.


12 thoughts on “A long happy week

  1. I’m sitting at my desk, which is in my bedroom, so you might call it a bedroom/studio, and I’m so enjoying reading your happy and lighthearted article. And I’m smiling away to myself, with my little headache from one too many tasty Tawny Ports last night. Enjoy your weekend. Cheers. Ivor. Oh your post came out with a large repeat section at the end….maybe you can edit. https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2017/07/16/in-my-room/ and https://ivors20.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/my-doors-firmly-shut/ hope the links work for you, then you may see my room.

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  2. haha “as some of you already know”… I’m sorry about the pajamas! lol
    This was sweet – lots of alone time with your loved one is fantastic when you can get it.

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  3. Love all of your words here. A lot of information were nicely put here. So much fun i can find your post this. What a day you have started your day with spilled coffee all over you lol, great beginning😉! And also very nice weather stages you passed within the week from slushing rain on Wednesday up to warm and sunny day on Thursday. All are amazing, keep writing dear ortensia😊👍

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