Mama fairy lost her marbles.

Before moving in the new house I promised my daughters they would get a fairy door each .At the beginning the fairy doors where in their bedrooms but then they decided to build a fairy corner and moved them just outside their bedrooms,one beside the other.At the beginning they were just fairy doors ,more decorative then anything else and presumably there was a fairy out there somewhere .Soon they realised there were 2 fairies out there looking after them.Poppy and Elda.How did they know it?Simple,the fairies speaks to them!Well,more precisely the fairies write notes to them.Over the years the correspondence between the human world and the fairy one became quite active. Superfluous to say that the notes arrive only when nobody is watching as fairies are very jealous of their privacy.Elda and Poppy became my proud and joy and the girls faces when they come to show me the little notes priceless.It doesn’t come without effort and hard work:I have to be careful to always use paper that will never be recognised as mine;I need to modify my handwriting;I have to carefully dispose of all the notes left for the fairies and be careful not to let anyone see “mama fairy” leave the notes by the doors.I also have to be careful that the note won’t be eaten up by the dogs who both love chewing paper.As the time passes ,mama fairy sometimes is forgetful and doesn’t check daily the letter box so Poppy and Elda are not as pronto in responding as they used to be but ,still performing their duty more then efficiently .As the time passes even the girls might have lost some interest in their fairies as notes and request are less frequent.That,to be honest,is not a completely bad thing ,mainly on Fridays when sometimes it happens to mama fairy to indulge herself in a couple of G&T too many and she is not always completely straight to write fairly comprehensible notes and to give fairly appropriate answers to questions that ,intentionally or not ,became over time more challenging.I think what is happening is that my eldest daughter start to questioning the existence of her fairy but deep inside she doesn’t want to stop believing plus, if Poppy doesn’t exist, not even the tooth fairy exists and she is for sure not ready to loose the money that come with every lost tooth.Her questions are becoming more tricky but ,hey,behind every fairy there is a “mama fairy”and you don’t easily trick a mama fairy.Well ,you don’t easily trick any mama actually!On the other side my youngest daughter doesn’t doubt at all the existence of a parallel world populated by fairies,gnomes, unicorns and any type of fantastic creature but,she definitely misunderstood her fairy’s role and power.We came to a stage when she was asking her to find things for her in the bedroom or to tied up her bedroom with the touch of her magic wand.One morning Elda left an angry note where she reminded her that she was a guardian fairy not a maid,but she was also so kind to leave some magic fairy dust that ,as everybody knows,helps with everything!Just before summer my husband said our eldest daughter for sure doesn’t believe anymore and she just plays along to not hurt my feelings(in witch case I would be very touched and proud of her sensibility).He also said I should gradually let this fairy thing die as our younger daughter is becoming too old for it too. Totally outraged in my role of mama fairy,I just ignored him!And I did right,as proved one afternoon last summer.We were all at the beach and an old acquaintance of mine stopped by with her son .The kids started to play together and we started to chat .After a while we were talking I couldn’t stand the conversation anymore.It was all about what she had and what she bought and what she was going to buy for her perfect,athletic,very intelligent and talented kid who of course was wearing branded swimming suits matching his Tshirt and flip flop.And his flip flop of course matched his mother’s one!From where I was standing I could overhear the kids and,like mother like son,the little fella was all about the toys and the technological gadget he had.They came closer and without even apologising for interrupting an adults conversation,the little boy asked his mother for his phone .He wanted to show it to my girls and he was teasing them because they didn’t have their own mobile phone.”Of course they don’t have their own phone They are 8 and 10 ,what would they need it for??”,that’s was what I was thinking but for once I stopped my mouth in time.I managed not to snap:”but they have their own personal fairy,you know?!”,I said instead.There deal with that now!! He started to laugh and shouted fairies don’t exist and turned toward his mother looking for confirmation.She looked a me with a mixed expression,half sorry and half patronising like ,come on a fairies?In 2017 ?Really?Really!!!”Prove it or you are a liar”,he shouted at my daughters while the mother was completely oblivious to the all situation and obviously thought this kind of behaviour was acceptable.God bless my youngest daughter, whose tongue is sharply developed.She turned to him with a fearless and annoyed expression on her face and said:”they leave us notes and we keep them .When we go home we can take a picture and send it to you.To Your Phone! “.Her tone was bold and would have normally got her in trouble but ,not in that occasion!He was defeated.He started to cry that he wanted a fairy.The mother looked at me annoyed and tried to calm him down saying she would have got one for him and I could tell her where to find them.”Oh, I am sorry you don’t get your fairy,you must deserve her.”.Here,served,and,technically, I didn’t even snap because I used a very sweet maternal voice.The boy was upset and so was the mother. I shamefully admit I felt triumphant !In my defence I can say I hide it from the girls because I knew I should have know better but………it was one of those situation s with a big “but”😉.My husband that was reading his book during the whole time,or so it appeared, laughed out loud and after mother and son left ,he lifted his head and said:”I like it when “my mama fairy” looses it “.


7 thoughts on “Mama fairy lost her marbles.

  1. I am with you on the phone deal-really, I think? children need phones? The thing is that phone will be lost or broken-or undesired at some point. More useless junk for the planet. Now the fairies will be remembered for many decades with fondness and may visit children for generations!

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    1. I confess being not a kids person I never thought I would be a ” mama fairy” but life always surprises you😉😊
      Rule of the house on phone is phone untill secondary school when they start to hang around on their own and it will be more for my sake so that I know I can reach them!
      Seriously in Agata s class(my eldest daughter that is nearly 11) there are girls going owning my a phone since they were 9 and texting each other.i don’t get it really,if they need they talk in school.I d like to keep my girls young as long as I can….plenty of time to be grown up.

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