Turning pages……literally.

Today is one of those grey day when the sky is full of rain.At some point this afternoon the rain has been unleashed and is pouring.I left home to run some errands and stop by at the local bookshop to get a new book.I have been reading on my kindle for all summer and now I need paper.I love my kindle and I find it very handy for traveling.I like browsing around in the kindle shop and discovering new authors.Being a voracious reader I love the kindle deals too,but, it is time to go old style.I feel an uncontrollable need of touching and smelling crispy paper,I want to turn pages.The gesture of turning pages fascinates me.Not only when I do it but I like to see other people doing it as well.There is something in this gesture that relaxes me.It gives me peace.Or,it is simply my fetichism.Whatever it is,I can honestly say it is a gesture that gives me pleasure.Books have always been my way to live a different life,my way to escape.Sometime I find myself wondering what the characters of the book I’m reading would do in my shoes.I tend to bring the characters of my books in my life.I like to pretend,to imagine I am them ,while I get on with my daily routine. Turning the pages of my book is part of my escape;it is actually the instrument of my escape but it also my accomplice and the way to transform myself.Does it sound extreme? May be! But don’t we all have a gesture that we like to do or that simply reminds us of something?

When I turn the page of a book I see myself from outside.When I turn the page of a book I see myself in the present reading :I see a very peaceful me.When I turn the page of a book I see myself in the past,studying compulsively,scribbling on my school books.I can smell my parents house ,my old bedroom where I used to get lost in classic novel and dreaming of my future life.When I turn the page of a book I see myself not long ago reading for my daughters when they were small.I can smell the unmistakable baby smell in their heads that I always kissed after they fell asleep,and still do(but shhhh,don’t say it.They are too old for that).When I turn the page of a book I see my grand father at bed time reading for me .I can hear his warm soothing voice and smell his cologne.Turning the page of a book becomes my way to feel and smell those emotions that cannot be lived again but that will never leave me.


5 thoughts on “Turning pages……literally.

  1. I felt so warm after reading this. What a beautiful post, and you’re right. That sound, and that gesture, they are filled with meaning that swiping can’t replace.

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