Technology,old tricks and a woman determination to fix her printer.

Last Friday I spent most of the afternoon fighting with my printer.It was perfectly working the day before when I printed my daughter’s school project and the following day,when I had to print something for myself, it was not working!!!Classic!!!!

I thought may be when the electricity went off few weeks earlier and the broadband was disconnected something happened with the printer connection to my iPhone and iPad.I reset everything.Still not working.I must have missed something.I did it again……same result.I then cancel the app from both the devices and reinstall it and reset the whole connection :still nothing.I am sitting at this desk for nearly an hour and a half now and getting cranky.It seems the printer is connected to the wifi but neither my iPhone nor my iPad can find it when I try to print.My head is exploding.I hate dealing with this kind of things.May be the problem is the wifi!.I unplug the router and plug it back on but still the same message:”no printer can be found”.I switch off and back on I pad and I phone.Still printer cannot be found.I am now sweating,the dogs keep going around me because it’s already 5.30 and they were supposed to have dinner half a hour ago.I take a break from the printer and feed them,so to be sure they won’t start to eat every cables around the desk. I also tuck something in the oven for the girls.I go back to the study,hoping in a miracle.May be magically,while I was away it started working:NOP.Bling!A bulb flashed in my head:it has been weeks that on the display it says it is low in ink.It is a matter of fact that I also went to buy new ink cartridges but didn’t bother to replace them because it was still printing anyway.But what if it cannot connect properly because is low in ink ergo is not functioning properly?I frankly thought there was not connection whatsoever between the two issues but it might have worth a try.I carefully extracted the old cartridges.Always very carefully I unwrapped the new cartridges and inserted them in.Instructions to replace ink cartridges made me anxious.They tell you to handle the cartridges extremely carefully so not to spill ink or damage the printer.I feel the pressure of the operation I am doing and I am terrified to spill something either on me or anywhere else.The replacement of the cartridges is complete.I realise by looking at the shape of cartridges that it is totally impossible to spill any ink so whoever wrote those instructions is a sadistic monster taking pleasure on mentally torture people who has zero technological knowledge .It is charging the ink now…..Promising!!!The ink is fully charged,printer is perfectly connect to house broadband(I connected it and reconnected at least a dozen of times in the last 2 hours).I try to print.No printer found.I look better at the message, it actually says “no air printer found”:What the feck is it an air printer?!?Mine is a simple Epson home printer!!!I check in my iPad setting to see if there is something else to look for.May be the air printer can’t be found but it is only a matter of switch some bottom to find instead an epson home printer.I can’t find anything.I googled “air printer”.It turns out my printer is an air printer because it works wireless with the wifi.Good to know!!!My culture is expanding,I am nearly scared of my new technical skills but the printer still is not connected to my devices.I feel like I have been in a gym for 3 hours doing some nasty aerobic class.I keep taken off pieces of clothes because I am hot and I am sweating and my jaws sore because I keep clenching my teeth..!”beep beep beep…”, boomer the girls dinner is ready.I serve them the dinner.they have been so good today that I will allow them to have it in the living room watching a movie.That is what I tell them.Truth is I am allowing them to do that because I don’t have to keep them company and I can go back to the printer business.At this very right moment ,I stink,I am incapable of perform a simple act as to print a letter and I am a lier lousy mother.I can’t effort to be a lousy stinky wife too,I need a shower and I need a dinner for my husband,soon.The printer must wait until later or tomorrow.The phone rings and it is my husband saying he is gonna be late.”yesssss”, I have never been happier to hear those words.He is puzzled.I am usually upset when he is late on Fridays as they are our date nights.Very shyly he says:” I am going for a pint with the colleagues”. “Great,take your time no problem love”,I replay in a hurry. Now he is officially concerned,about my mental health!.”Is it everything ok?”,he asks.”Jeez,yes,i just need a couple of extra hours to go through the day”,I say trying to sound relax and casual.My actual feeling is euphoria: I can keep fighting the printer for a little longer and hopefully fix it .I might also be able to have a shower and a pasta dish ready before he comes home.Woo hoo!His silence on the phone tells me that he is still puzzled,definitively concerned about my mental health and level of stress but wise enough to not ask any details.Back to the printer.Now it is a matter of proud and dignity.A little head popped in the study and says:”may be you should ask papa,he is usually good with this things”. He is not,actually!I don’t say it.I just replay that I’m fine doing it myself in fact I sorted it out already.It just took a bit longer then I thought because I had to change the ink cartridges,and it is a very delicate operation!I am a pathetic double lier to my daughters,but worst then that,now I have to sort it out!!!Think think think…..last resource:the online instruction guide.A new world open up in front of me.I go straight to the troubleshooting chapter: issue1-the printer is connected to wifi and devices but can’t be found. Perfect,exactly what is happening to me.Solution:switch off the printer.Unplug it and plug it back on.Switch the printer back on.Print.I do it.It works!!!An hysterical laugh spontaneously comes out my mouth.The old school trick of switching off and back on never let you down!!!If only I had thought to unplug the printer before any other device in my house🙄


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