The killer fish: a great ending and a new start

By now you all know that Robert,the killer fish,died.His last victim,Patricia,survived.Robert was found dead on Monday .The week has been very busy and unpleasantly eventful.My talented daughters managed to bring home,on the second week of school,the classic vomiting bug.Then,the dogs decided to be supportive and getting sick all over the house for two days.Friday was eventually a nice quite day(puke free and bleach smell free).We went to buy a new fish to keep company to poor Patricia hoping she eventually would come out of her misery.Unfortunately,the psychological damage Patricia suffered,because of the bullying,was far more serious then we thought.Not only she kept hiding behind the water filter but she also started to show physical signs of abuse.She started to loose pieces of skins and her tail was falling apart,it was shredding.She died this morning.We like to remember her like a brave girl who fought hard and managed to survive her abuser….for a while.Not even a day after he arrived Dott(the new fish)lost his companion already.Sad to say but may be this loss was for the best: we could now start from the beginning with a fresh new line of strong friendly and sociable fishes .The girls left early this morning to go to the lake with their father and the dogs.I reassured them I would take care of Patricia’s body and buy company for Dott.An other trip to the pet shop.This time I definitely passed myself:two fishes in two days😱.I explained to the guy what happened to Patricia and he confirmed she was showing all the symptoms of anxiety due to bullying to a point that she fell physically ill.He showed me pictures of fishes with her same injuries on the tail and body.Her immune system was very low due to stress and she fell victim of a fatal bacteria infection.O dear,it really looks like this fish saga would never end.I left the pet shop with a new fish,an antibacterial treatment for the aquarium and a big supportive smile and pat on my shoulder from the pet shop boy.I came home ,cleaned the tank,poured the magic antibacterial drops,poured Dott back in and added Annabelle(the just bought fish).I am mentally exhausted .This business with the bully killer fish left scars on me too.I keep going to check on them and whatever they do it doesn’t look right.I can’t stop worrying the water to be contaminated from bacteria .I can’t stop watching them closely to see if one of the two shows some aggressive behaviour.Paranoia is kicking in.Even after he is dead Robert is still bullying……me!


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