The death of the killer fish

The killer fish died.

For those of you who didn’t read my previous post,here there is a brief recap:Robert,is our psycho fish.He is living with us for over a year now .Over this period of time he managed to eliminate all his fellow fishes,one after the other.Few weeks ago we got Robert back from our friend’s house where, he and his then companion Freeda ,were staying while we were on holidays.During this time Freeda died.An other victim of Robert. We were positive about it.The pet shop boy diagnosed Robert as chronically hungry and a bully who probably was better off on his own.We simply think Robert is a sociopath but,we also believe in therapy and rehabilitation and we tried to give him an other partner:Patricia.Patricia seemed to be the right one for him : big enough to stand up for herself and not being bullied.Here they are both home,in their tank.Since the beginning something was off.They were both very quiet.They were staying mainly at the bottom of the tank.Robert was not chasing Patricia or trying to bite her tail,like he used to do with every other fish he lived with.That,at least,it looked like a good sign.He was not bullying her.What was more worrying,was that they seemed not much interested in food either.Stillness was a perpetual condition of them.Very weird.Nearly two weeks pass and then, last week end ,Robert was barely breathing.He was lying still,(very still),at the bottom of the aquarium.The girls were upset and wanted me to check him,do something.Truth is: we all knew there was not much left to do.We saw the same behaviour with other fishes before they died.We let him rest.In the meanwhile,sweet hearted Patricia stayed beside him all time.She was accompanying him through his moving to a better life.I have never seen something like that!!!!Monday morning we found Robert dead,floating in the tank.Patricia alive and kicking but hiding herself behind the water filter.She only comes out of there at feeding time.Is she a disturbed fish as much as Robert was?Is she feeling lonely and depressed?Is she nothing less then a black widow who bullied Robert to death?Sure thing she is a weird fish.I am curious to see how she react when we will get her a new mate.Hopefully,we didn’t lose a killer fish for an other!I haven’t said anything to the girls but ,thinking over at what could have happened to Robert(a perfectly healthy fish ),I suddenly remembered something.When I refilled the tank,after the holidays,there was no old water left and concerned to not shock him with too cold water,I added some hot water too.Just to mix it up a little.Well…..when I fished the poor late Robert out,the other day,the water was still mildly warm. I am afraid I boiled psycho Robert😱


6 thoughts on “The death of the killer fish

  1. Poor Robert, he had issues obviously. I wish to know what trauma he suffered that made him behave that way. I don’t think you have boiled him, though. I had a cat called Freeda, I loved her so much.

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