A truly madly ordinary injury

It is slashing rain since early this morning.It doesn’t bother me at all.Sometimes I like rainy Sundays.Time to stay in,read a book and drink hot tea with biscuits.Lazily wondering from room to room, doing few bits and bobs.Well,more picking up staff from the ground left from whoever else leaves in the house with me.My husband and daughters were supposed to be away today,with the dogs too.I was supposed to have the whole day for myself!I was supposed to have the whole house for myself! How fantastic and so rare.So rare that I can’t actually remember the last time it happened……May be I can’t remember because it never happened before!My plan was not to leave the house,just snacking and reading and writing.Unfortunately none of this is gonna happen. May be the snaking is gona happen,out of boredom and nerves!Last night my husband fell victim of a severe case of man flu.At the moment I am nursing him and doing the best I can ,let’s hope he will make it through the day and the night.”Oh dear”,I think,”what would an average man do if having period’s pain every month?”.I know I sound vicious and not as sympathetic as I should be.Of course I am sorry he is sick and ,in fairness, it doesn’t happen that often and he is usually “brave”.Still I can’t help not to be slightly annoyed by the fact that if I am sick I have to go through my day as usual(unless I am sick on a Sunday)but,if he is sick ,he can be properly sick.Stay in bed,being nursed,not doing anything.I have to admit it I have a very bad timing on getting sick.Most of the time,in fact ,it happens when he is away. I remember few years ago I had a very bad intestinal flu.I remember doing everything in a sort of comatose state.Every time I was passing the bedroom I stopped by for a quick lie down .I was literally hiding from my own daughters and my own dogs to find some peace and relieve .He was eventually back,I was eventually better.Not really his fault if I fell sick while he was in business trip.The fact is ,things are not much different when he is here.I fell playing tennis once.I badly sprained my ankle.I know that,the fact I was playing tennis while he was working hard in the office ,doesn’t really buy me many sympathies but,In my defence,I have to say Friday tennis classes were his idea. We were not in the new house for long,school moms were not really friendly,I was withdrawn and finding socialise difficult.He was gone early in the morning and back late in the evening when not travelling.Not a new thing but loneliness was really kicking in.To join the tennis club should have helped and It did.The ladies I was playing with were lively and lovely,they warmly welcomed me .There was only one problem,they were far better players then I am and far more driven .I am not a competitive person and tennis is just a sport I play for fun.Soon enough I started to enjoy the coffe and the chat after the game more then the actual playing that ,on the contrary,was becoming a font stress and tension. When I am not at easy in a situation I talk a lot and become clumsy.I have a pronounced tendency to trip that a tarmac tennis course doesn’t help.My fall was predestined.I immediately realised it was serious.I felt embarrassed ,because it was not the first time.Everybody was lovely and I had an excellent first aid.I have been told I was not in condition to drive and because couldn’t reach my husband to come and get me,one of the tennis lady drove me and my car home.I tried to ring him again ….no answer.I then took a picture of the swollen ankle and sent it to him.At least it will see what has happened,I thought.Well nothing really happened.it was nearly time to collect the girls from school and obviously I couldn’t drive.Obviously,instead,I drove.That afternoon I also had to bring the dog to the Vet. I couldn’t cancel the appointment because the poor pet had a abscess in the middle of her forehead as big as a potato that had to be surgically drained.To go to school and back took forever,I was driving slow and walking even slower.The pain was increasing,I need to lift my leg up and keep it up.My nerves were increasing too:”why in heart dit it have to happen…..???????”As soon I was home I rang my husband again.No luck,again.Now I was officially pissed and entitled to be.No more guilt for falling playing tennis while he was working!At this point I had two options: going to the Vet or going to the clinic to properly treat my injury.I looked at my dog and I looked at my ankle:off we were on the way to the Vet .”It is a vet but”, I thought,”if he can fix animals he can fix humans too right?”.I like asking rhetorical questions to myself.The answers never disappoint me….never mind they are rarely the right ones!Ashamed but determined not to drive to the clinic I asked the vet if he could have a look at my ankle.I just wanted to know if there could be something broken so to avoid the clinic and being able to look after myself with some homemade remedy.Nothing broken but he suggested X-rays just the same .How annoying ,”why do I need X-rays if there is nothing broken?!?!””He is for sure covering his back being a vet and not a doctor”…..an other reassuring conversation within me and myself with lots of rhetorical questions and helpful answers.Back home I put my foot up and tried to rest as much as I could.The phone started to ring.An alarmed husband on the other side of the cable enquiring what happened:was I alright?were the girls ok? The dogs?He just saw all the missed phone calls.(For the record,I started to ring him at 11 in the morning,it was now 5 in the afternoon.).He was in a meeting and then forgot the phone in silence mode. Touched by his concerned tone I didn’t say anything bad and just asked if he saw the picture I sent.He did in a rush before going into the meeting and thought I was showing off a freshly done pedicure.I want to precise that I don’t usually send my husband pictures of my pedicure !!!”What the feck??!!”I hang up and sent an other picture of the swollen ankle,this time accurately dressed in a bandage,the vet did a good job after all.I sent a picture of the dog without the “potato”on her forehead too……………Just in case someone would think I spent my Friday playing tennis and lying on the couch with my feet up waiting for the nail varnish to dry.


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