Back to school

First day back to school:ticked and survived.I have never been one of those moms who cry at school gate ,even if I find it very sweet.It is just not me.First day of school is traumatic by definition. If you feel like you are leaving your babies ,it is sad and it will leave you with swollen eyes and funny nasal voice because of all the sobbing.If,instead ,you are happy to leave your babies(after the whole summer of having them with you 24/7 )it is disappointing because there will always be that person telling you:”you are the only mother I know ,who doesn’t cry on her kids first day of school on the contrary you look the happiest.” Now,even if you are happy your mood is spoiled and your quiet drive back home is erratic and full of swearing .On the first day back to school there is no quick drop and go.There are rules to be respected: greeting must be done,details about holidays must be given away,so that proper comparisons can be made.Competition is open.Mothers with dresses matching their daughters’s one posing in front of the gate to have their pictures taken before quickly passing the full pack to the new au pair.School bags,still new and in perfect conditions, replaced by new flashy one purchased in some foreign countries that have been the holidays destination.Let God forgive the ones who make their kids use the same bag and pencils case two years on a row.Politely and mannerly the war for the closest parking spots begins.Never an open argument but ,if looks and frowns could harm,there would be multiple murders.Dress code can be difficult too:if you are sporty you are shabby but,if you dress up,you are a vain yummy mummy…….If you work ,obviously you are a part time mother,but if you don’t work ,you are a sort of a lazy cow.School gate is a huge field disseminated with landmines .It is intimidating and whatever you do ,you can’t win!It is too easy to step into someone’s garden but it is nearly impossible to keep someone out of your garden.

Many years ago one of my dearest friend warned me that school is like a jungle and mothers are like feral fierce animals.She was right!

So,there I was,driving to school after summer break.Was I ready to see the same faces,to hear the same gossips and to bare with the same criticism all over again???Anxiety start possessing me.I am fiscally at the school gate now and a picture takes form in my head :the parents are transformed in vultures looking for a pray.Me? No sorry.I can’t be anybody’s pray today and ,no,sorry,I don’t give a thing where people have been on holidays.And ,yes ,my girls have the same school bags of last year.A big smile start covering my face.I see my friends,(yes you can make genuine friends in school…but you need luck).School is a jungle but I have my shelter.There are lots of feral animals but there are also few truly madly ordinary moms who makes school gate enjoyable.Off we go for coffee,cakes and a big catch up .


9 thoughts on “Back to school

    1. Thank you.i suppose “the back to school” from a teacher prospective is different.I like my daughters teachers and I always try to not interfere and let them do their job.Unfortunately I see so many parents doing exactly the opposite like their kids are never wrong or have any weaknesses.nobody is born knowing all and everybody make mistakes,kids in particular but if we don’t correct them how can they know the right path?!?!
      Sorry for the rant😉
      I am trying to convince the parent association to pay for yoga kids once a week.finger crossed.


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